2019 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit Customizer (Overflow)

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So many options!

I have been really happy with our kit! I love being able to 100% customize the kit based on needs!

Such a joyful and amazing experience!

I was really undecided and nervous about what to do for my daughter's kindergarten year. I am so glad that we went with Timberdoodle and the Elite Kindergarten Kit! It was helpful to have the scheduling tool as well as so many activities! We were so busy, but in a good way! My daughter is so hesitant to learn, and she is really thriving with this material! I am hooked and plan to continue on with Timberdoodle kits, and also am purchasing a preschool kit for my youngers hcild! Thank you so much for this vibrant curriculum!

Overall we are happy with this full grade curriculum

We are pretty happy with this curriculum set. Our favorites so far are the All About Reading and Gobblet Gobblers which we have played many times! Our least favorite are the Geography puzzles that are now out of stock. My 5 year old usually loves puzzles (including other geography puzzles we have) but she disliked these. My husband and I helped her finish the one she had started and we had to agree with her. I will probably not have her do them anymore.

Simply Amazing

As a first time homeschool momma this curriculum kit has been such a stress reliever! We are in our first week and it’s been amazing to see my son truly enjoy school! We have tried other avenues of at home learning prior and they just didn’t capture his interest or mine to be honest. School is now something we look forward to. For you parents out there that are on the fence I 100% say go for it! It’s worth the money to have an all in one curriculum kit, you also get an online schedule builder that will guide you on what to teach each day and for how long/how many pages. That is beyond helpful when your new to this!!! Lastly I am doing the kindergarten kit for my 5 year old in addition to the preschool kit for my 3 year old. It is absolutely doable to do this with two kiddos, mainly because it’s hands on for certain subjects. I can give one a logic game while I help the other through a workbook! I highly recommend this.

Amazing curriculum

This curriculum is easy to teach and is very interactive for the student. The scheduling tool is very helpful to make sure everything gets done in time.

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