2019 PreK Curriculum Kit Customizer

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I ordered the preschool kit from timberdoodle last year and my daughter whizzed right through it. She was so excited to start her Pre-K kit and once again I am not disappointed. She asks me if we can do school every day because learning is so much fun for her. I love that I get to do it with her, it makes me feel happy and proud. I also love how everything is hands on and that there is material included for every subject. They add things to their kit that are important for the kids to learn that I personally wouldn’t have thought of myself, so timberdoodle is very helpful for me. I feel completely confident in this company and their curriculum. I love how you can customize their kits and create a flexible schedule. The handbooks timberdoodle provide help you to feel like you can do this as a parent, they help you get organized and help you understand what to expect. I probably sound like a spokesperson for this company as I boast about them every time schooling comes up, but I really am just a very happy parent. I’ll be sticking to timberdoodle again next year. I’m excited to see what they will have in store for my kids over the years!

Absolutely fantastic!

This has EVERYTHING I need to get started! As someone just getting in to homeschooling, having a curriculum put together with great support has helped a TON!

Loved that I could customize!

This is my first year homeschooling and this kit was a lifesaver! I loved that I could customize based on my child’s needs and abilities! I recommend this to many people starting out!


Very helpful and made me feel less overwhelmed as I’m new to the homeschooling scene and testing out the waters. Being able to customize to my child’s needs was perfect. Thank you!

Keeps us busy while having fun

We love our Timberdoodle. At this age it feels more like fun then getting stuff done. Some activities we get done super fast because she loves them. The workbooks make her feel like a big kid while learning. All about reading and sight is one of her favorites.

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