2019 PreK Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Good for a Little Busy Body

We are waiting to start the bulk of the work with our late school year purchase, but what we've done so far has helped so much in just a couple weeks! Our preschool aged son is usually bent on destruction and unable to sit for 5 minutes to listen, but he's expressing interest in learning shapes and numbers. It gives more hope for an organized homeschool experience in the fall, and his older brother is a little jealous of the cool things included. Thankfully, some of the activities, such as the Geoboards, are for more than 1 child, and we appreciate being able to share some of the learning tools! I am building a curriculum on Timberdoodle to fit our son's interests and attention span, and it is useful to be able to edit it as he grows over the next few months to be best suited for his official year of Pre-Kindergarten this fall. Worth the investment so far!

Love Timberdoodle

I am loving this kit! I love having a plan and how everything is researched for me and at a great price. We are never bored in this house. If the children need something to do, I have lots of options. The customizer is great because it allows me to sub things out and omit some things. It's definitely the way to go if you already have a plan for some subjects.


This is the best thing I have ever bought for my kids. 100% worth it

Great kit!

Guys this kit is so awesome. My son has learned so much. He has learned a bunch from every subject and is loving it! He is learning a ton of math and numbers and preparing different skills to be able to read soon. The way this kit is put together is wonderful. I feel every kit has a couple random things that are unnecessary that I add to the kids toys and games rather then their school stuff but these kits are very worth the price. I can teach my kids without any experience and they actually learn!

Love it!!

We love this curriculum! My son asks to do his “school stuff” and play with the “toys”. Learning through play!

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