2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Good curiculum

I only with there was more gospel centered activities and reading.

What a fun preschool set!

We recently received the preschool curriculum kit and dove right in! All of the products are amazing, it was like Christmas for my little one getting to unbox and talk about each new "school" (what he calls them) item. The quality of each item is amazing and super nice. I could not have found better products if I had tried to coordinate on my own. Each product is so nice with so many hands on activities, especially great for a busy little 3 year old boy! The Geosmart magnets and bananagrams are his definite favorite. The curriculum guide is so great and lays everything out to get started stay on track and work through the program. We also have a 2 month old and I have went ahead and ordered her the extra curriculum kit I am so confident in the program and items that in a few years I will be sharing it with her too. I will be adding extra fun new pieces as Timberdoodle adds them too. I absolutely love this kit and feel blessed to have found it. I prayed for a great program to get our kiddos started and feel like this one is the one! I would strongly encourage everyone to get the kit, make the investment with your time and resources and give your kids the advantage of a great start and continued education. We will be homeschooling in the future and I will most certainly reach out to Timberdoodle for more supplies and items.

Life Saver

Worth Every Penny! It’s made teaching my child during the pandemic a breeze. I am so thankful for this kit. I love how easy each activity is, at first I felt very overwhelmed by the amount of stuff it comes with. But when going through it all it’s easy to grab a couple of books a few games and just jump right in with homeschooling. Also, my child has special needs and I was worried that some of the activities would be hard to do with my son because of his short attention span. But many of these activities I was able to make adjustments to meet my son where he is at and leave him feeling confident and happy about learning! The feeling cards are so fun to do right before bedtime and he spends hours playing the geosmart set.

Amazing kit

We are so impressed with the materials in the kit. This is the best place to start as a new homeschool family. Our daughter is learning so much, and I can't wait to buy the next kit for her. Everything is perfectly picked out!

Autistic twin boys are so engaged!!!!

The preschool curriculum is just what I needed to homeschool my kindergarten aged children!!! This curriculum is fun, engaging and our homeschool room is FULL OF LAUGHTER! This curriculum is perfect for the hesitant parent to get completely on board with homeschooling. There is no wrong way to begin,very user friendly and easy adjustable for you and your child's needs!

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