2019 Second-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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This is our 3rd year using Timberdoodle Elite kits and our 2nd time customizing an Elite kit. We LOVE it! When we ordered our kit we were able to move forward in some subjects that my daughter was ahead in and take a step back in one we needed to take some more time in. We go to a tutorial for science this year so I was able to leave that out completely. Love the flexibility that Timberdoodle allows with the customizable kits. We get the Elite kits because we have found the games to be some of our families favorites that we continue to use as well as highly beneficial in developing our 2nd grader's thinking skills.


Excellent ,we enjoyed everything in the box

Amazing 2nd Grade Homeschool choice

This is a wonderful product for the first time homeschooling mom. The product selection is top quality and easy to use. My son in in love with the STEM program and loves all the interactive games. This organization is friendly and helpful with the best customer service ever.

Great curriculum

This is my first time homeschooling and I wanted an all in one curriculum package so I opted for TimberDoodle. The work has been engaging and rewarding. My only issue is the lack of art, I feel like there could be more art as we were able to fly through it because she is so gifted in crafting. I am glad that we went with this curriculum as I have the to opportunity to learn right along side of her.

2nd grade custom kit

We did a custom kit and timberdoodle is so flexible and work with you to make your kit what your child needs! Are kiddo was very happy with her kit and we will continue to purchase from timberdoodle! Best customer service!

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