2020 First-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Samantha T.

The scheduler book provides valuable information. Well laid out and easy to use as resource. Love the reading guide and book suggestions. Also love all the subjects put together for us! Timberdoodle has done all the work for us busy moms.

Ashley S.
Kindergarten Review

As a first time homeschooling, mom, I was so overwhelmed at first. I was researching all sorts of curriculums, taking copious notes, watching YouTube reviews and talking to other homeschooling moms. It was all very overwhelming. When I discovered Timberdoodle, it made me breathe a sigh of relief. Because they did all the research for me. They even bundled it altogether in one comprehensive kit. Then gave me 3 choices of which kit I would want. Definitely a no brainer. So I ordered the basic kit and added some things on later. I should've made a customizable kit, but now I know. We did the curriculum for Kindergarten and really liked it. I used to teach 2nd grade and I know what to look for in a good curriculum. I love all the things they chose. Our favorites were the games, of course, Bede's History (because of all the fun activities), math, and reading. We had such a good year and can't wait to start 1st grade!

Custom Elite Kit

We have really been enjoying our 1st grade Curriculum Kit. We customized our kit to fit our little ones needs. We love the on line scheduler and the handbook that comes with the kits. These are invaluable items. Timberdoodle has done a fantastic job once again selecting age appropriate pieces that really hold your little ones attention while still being valuable learning tools. We have used Timberdoodle Custom Kits for 3 years now and plan to continue.

2020 First-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

Wow! Love Timberdoodle curriculum and love that we can pick and choose what best suits our family's needs!
This year, it has been a pleasure to homeschool first grade thanks to all of the outstanding resources recommended by Timberdoodle. We are glad to say it went so well, we ordered Timberdoodle's second grade kit for next year!

Curriculum customizer

Love this so much. Makes planning for curriculum choices painless.

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