2020 First-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Love this kit !

Overall this kit is amazing ! This is our second year and we are both super excited to Get right into our first grade year. Everything comes well packaged and in prestine condition. Unboxing is so much fun for us too ! Quality prints and the curriculum is always EXACTLY what we both need and want. Definitely will continue to rely on timberdoodle for our homeschool needs. Thank you !!!

Timberdoodle Rocks!

We have been using Timberdoodle for a couple of years now and are very happy with what they put together. It’s the perfect mix of traditional schooling and all that fun stuff that kids love. I love the stem emphasis for little minds. The customizer makes it easy to sub things in and out to suit your child’s individual needs. We love it and will be returning for our 2nd grade curriculum!


This was our 2nd Elite kit from Timberdoodle and We ordered another after it. Love these kits! My daughter loves all of the hands on items, plays the games over and over, and just loves learning. I love how everything is together for me and so well planned out they are. So worth it!

Freedom from endless options!

Maybe I'm alone here, but having my options narrowed down was liberating! The age of the Internet has given us the wonderful gift of anything we could possibly hope to find, but in doing so has given me countless evenings spent agonizing over purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to my kids. Knowing that the Timber doodle team hand-picked their favorites for each subject for each grade, bundled into one convenient kit, while still offering customization options (though not enough options to stress me out, ha!) for my kids' own needs/interests, and all at a discount off buying the pieces individually elsewhere, has lifted a huge burden from my shoulders! :)

Good value

I was so excited to get this curriculum. The idea of little to no planning/prep work was very intriguing to me as I have 2 kids. That being said, it’s a lot of bookwork for the elite kit. I didn’t realize just how much we were getting. Worth the money, but by doing everything in the planner with both kids would have taken us all day. There would have been no time for my kids to, we’ll be kids. I highly suggest building your own custom kit and just getting the items you are going to be using. Getting an elite kit for 2 kids was way too much.

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