2020 Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer (Overflow)

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Excellent learning materials

I spent years working in the public school system and have a degree in education (and biology), I love to learn. When we decided to pull our daughter from public school, we looked for the right curriculum. We wanted to encourage a lifelong love of learning and find materials she enjoyed so she’d look forward to school. Our curriculum from timberdoodle is the perfect fit for our family.

Easy to use.

We like it so far.


I really can’t even put into words how well this curriculum is working for my child. He is 10 and ADHD. He has struggled for many years in the public school setting. I decided this year was better than any to finally try the homeschool route. So many things and worries had stopped me in the past. Thanks to this amazing curriculum we have both fallen in LOVE with homeschooling. From start to finish we are able to use our scheduler (which is a huge weight lifted off me) Then the curriculum itself exceeds any expectations I had. My son has learned so much in just 4 weeks and not only that he is enjoying the process of it all. He is able to stay engaged and interested in what we’re doing and doesn’t get too overwhelmed either. He had very little confidence in himself when he first saw some of the STEM items he was worried he couldn’t do them. After a few tries he completed the first robotics level and I had never seen him so proud of himself. Not only that but math was always his biggest challenge and now it’s his favorite subject. I really can’t thank this company enough! If your hesitating on homeschooling and curriculum this is the one!

2 Thumbs Up

Purchasing Timberdoodle has been an overall great! It’s safe to say we are happy with the Timberdoodle curriculum, the customer service is amazing and we love the Timberdoodle community!!

4th Grade

We are very happy with the thoroughness of Timberdoodles products and services. We ordered for the first this year from them and will definitely be ordering in the future because of our experience. The curriculum is solid and easy to follow instructions make it easy to teach and understand. I really like the scheduling tool. It made my life easier as a teacher!

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