2020 PreK Curriculum Kit Customizer (Overflow)

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Timberdoodle's Review

Customer Reviews

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This is the best thing I have ever bought for my kids. 100% worth it

Great kit!

Guys this kit is so awesome. My son has learned so much. He has learned a bunch from every subject and is loving it! He is learning a ton of math and numbers and preparing different skills to be able to read soon. The way this kit is put together is wonderful. I feel every kit has a couple random things that are unnecessary that I add to the kids toys and games rather then their school stuff but these kits are very worth the price. I can teach my kids without any experience and they actually learn!

Love it!!

We love this curriculum! My son asks to do his “school stuff” and play with the “toys”. Learning through play!

Great Kit

I love this curriculum! It has everything you need to feel confident your kiddo is getting the best education. The scheduler is amazing I just wish it was made so you can use it online without having to print it off for your checklist. I feel like I'm actually a Teacher!

More than worth it

Amazing critical thinking games and hands on NOT boring activities! I would not recommend it for children under three at all. If you have three little ones close in age like me make sure you only teach the ones 3 and older while the other ones nap- there are small pieces that can be swallowed.
Also we supplemented with the parts of the body book and a more advanced reading program. The reading program in this curriculum is very elementary and really for a child that has never had contact with any phonics or letter recognition.

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