2020 Second-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer (Overflow)

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Love the customizable kit!

This is our second year using a customized Timberdoodle kit. I love being able to pick and choose (I use a different math curriculum and science is being covered at our co-op this year) and yet still have the benefit of everything coming from one place. My first year it was very helpful to read the descriptions Timberdoodle put with each curriculum and why they recommended it. Timberdoodle has such fun games and I appreciate the emphasis on STEM and hands-on activities.

Nicole G.
Convenient and easy to use

I love this set, and how simple it has made our homeschool journey. The ability to customize the kit was essential, and absolutely perfect for our family. This really made picking up curriculum the easiest for me, so I wasn't spending valuable time trying to hunt down pieces of curriculum. My boys are very excited about the flexibility and content.