2020 Seventh-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Great curriculum

This is my first time homeschooling and I wanted an all in one curriculum package so I opted for TimberDoodle. The work has been engaging and rewarding. My only issue is the lack of art, I feel like there could be more art as we were able to fly through it because he is so gifted in drawing. I am glad that we went with this curriculum as I have the to opportunity to learn right along side of him.

Great for beginner homeschooling

We were unhappy with the way our school was handling the covid situation and just felt the need to homeschool our children. This kit has been a blessing in so many ways to us. My son is thriving and it has reduced the amount of anxiety I had as a beginner teacher. The subjects are self explanatory and provide a wide variety of interests to pursue. Her spelling has greatly improved and she's critically thinking. I highly recommend to anyone! Timberdoodle is quick to answer any questions you might have and are so polite.

Excellent selection!

I ordered the customized 7th grade curriculum. It was customized, because I am using a different literature level to teach two children (ands isn’t need the included one for this school year). We are two weeks into the curriculum and love it. It has a good mix of self-learning vs. active teaching textbooks, which we all enjoy. I always like the included curriculum book-which can help you get familiar with the materials very quickly. I’m pleased, as always, with the choices for this year!

Easy to use

I am new to homeschooling this year. It has been overwhelming, but timberdoodle has made the process easy and the customizable kit was self explanatory.

Customized Kits A Hit

I wish I hadn't already purchased curriculum for my 1st grader prior to discovering Timberdoodle's customized kits! My 7th grader, who has always been resistant to school work, has loved her kit. As a mom, being able to choose what we need and what will work best, has been such a blessing. I'm not longer taking hours going through me daily emails looking for a good deal on curriculum! Thank you Timberdoodle. We will be back next year!

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