2020 Third-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer (Overflow)

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Love having the options!

I purchased this kit before starting our first homeschool year. I love being able to customize the kit for my kids! The options gave me the ability to level up where needed and remove items that we didn't need.

Complete Kit

First year with Timber, 3rd year home schooling. This package is worth every penny. I customized my package and there isn’t a single item we haven’t used. My son loved the etching kit, we are going to buy the second one for our second half of the year, and we really hope to see more of those available. History was a bit dry, it would be nice to have another option that held a busy minds attention better.

Great curriculum kit!

I ordered the elite third grade curriculum kit. My daughter loved the kit as soon as we opened it! She loves all of the fun stuff in the kit! We are very pleased with our purchase.

2 thumbs up for “custom” curriculum kit!

Love having the ability to customize a curriculum kit! I was able to remove a few items that we happened to already own (yay, cost savings). I also made a substitution on Spelling U See in order to get material I felt was better suited to my son’s skill level. It’s wonderful to be able to make this type of adjustment. Customizing education to his best level is a main reason for homeschooling. Thanks Timberdoodle for making his “personalized” curriculum just right!

Flexible learning

I purchased the complete 3rd grade curriculum kit since this is my first year homeschooling my son. I have found this kit to be very helpful in providing me tools and games to help my son learn. I love all the teaching guidance this kit provides for me. I am learning how to adapt my kit to my son's learning style. We've had a few emotional issues because I was trying to teach every subject, every day. You don't have to do that with this kit...I just started focusing on less subjects per day and spending more time exploring that subject. This style has helped my son feel less rushed and allows him to really learn the subject. I appreciate the flexibility this kit provides!

My only complaint is that I couldn't choose different art supplies or different Science books to change out. My son.refuses to do Zentagle art, so that book isnt being used. Also the Science book is too high level.and complex for an 8 yr old.

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