2021 Fifth-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Jenna G.
Bye bye PACEs! Excited for a new and creative year!

This will be our 2nd year as a homeschool family. Last year we used a pace workbook curriculum that burned out both me and my children (6 and 9 at the time). I could not help but think there HAS to be a better way to homeschool. Then I found Timberdoodle. It looks so fun and immersive. We got the elite packages for 5th and 2nd grades. The only things we changed are history and math. We are doing Notgrass history for each respective grade and we are doing Horizons math for each respective grade. My children won't stop begging me to get started right away. After looking through the material, I became a little nervous that there was not enough grammar but we won't really know until we start the curriculums so I got Skill Sharpeners grammar for each grade just in case. We are excited to see how Timberdoodle does homeschool. Thanks for offering us some alternatives to paces!!!

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