2021 Seventh-Grade Curriculum Kit

2021 Seventh-Grade Curriculum Kit

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Do you need a custom Seventh-Grade Curriculum?
With Timberdoodle's 7th Grade kit your student will go deeper with literature, creative writing, math and thinking skills courses. He will study science of the atomic age with a lab kit, jump into the studies of ancient civilizations, create engineer-quality physics models, learn to draw with perspective, create a wool painting, mix his own Thinking Putty, and so much more!

We asked parents who used our Seventh-Grade Kit how long their student spent on "school,” and they estimated that they spent 3-5 hours a day on their kit. That variation is likely to be impacted by how in-depth you take your child's studies, what your child's learning approach is, how distractible he is, and much more. You’ll be able to plan yours to work best for you with your access to the online Timberdoodle Scheduler, included with your kit. Make sure you allow yourself and your child some time to find your own rhythm!
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2021 7th Grade Handbook + Scheduler

We wanted our curriculum handbook to be extremely simple, easy to use, and promote independent study as early as possible. Our guides are designed to get you up and running - today - without being overwhelming, boring, or confusing.

View sample pages here

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Language Arts

Easy Grammar Plus Teacher's Guide

By deleting and marking certain words or phrases, Easy Grammar Plus employs a virtually "hands-on" approach. The vocabulary has been kept simple and, in most cases, the sentences are rather short.

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Mosdos Press Literature - Jade - 7th Grade

The Jade Student Reader is an outstanding book that has captivated seventh graders across the nation. Unusual for the seventh grade level, Jade is replete with literature that spans several centuries and is drawn from regions across the globe.

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Wordsmith Bundle

Wordsmith Student, For young people who want to improve their writing skills, step-by-step instructions are provided that will help any writer improve his techniques.

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Word Roots Level 1

Children with a solid grasp of word roots will have better reading comprehension skills, because they have the ability to decode words. Word Roots teaches the meanings of Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes of words commonly used in English.

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Did you know that we offer free kit customization?
Since each math curriculum approaches new concepts at a different pace if you're switching to Math-U-See this year we highly recommend that you take advantage of the readiness assessments here to make sure you start with the level your child needs.

Math-U-See Readiness Assessments

Math-U-See Pre-Algebra

If you are looking for a manipulative-based curriculum that ensures your children will be able to fully understand each mathematical concept before moving on to another one, you have found it in Math-u-See.

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Extreme Dot to Dot: Around the World

Extreme Dot to Dot: Around the World puzzles range from 500 to over 1,400 dots. Some puzzles even cover a two-page spread! Counting, mapping and concentration are just a few of the educational benefits.

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Thinking Skills

The Basics of Critical Thinking

The Basics of Critical Thinking's color illustrations, engaging storylines, and clear explanations teach your student how to think. He'll learn about common argument forms and practice the important skill of identifying and evaluating evidence.

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Diamond Quest

Using the hints and clues for each Diamond Quest challenge, you will deduce all of the other jewels' locations. Each challenge offers multiple hints about the position of some of the other gems. Combine the clues to place the various jewels and uncover the location of the rare red diamond.

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Laser Chess

If your family likes abstract strategy games and finds lasers intriguing, then they will have a blast with Laser Chess. “Chess-like” only in that it involves capturing a king, Laser Chess is mostly about thinking multiple steps ahead of your opponent.

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The Thinking Toolbox

The Thinking Toolbox uses humorous illustrations that give this book a friendly feel. It was written with the teen in mind, but I didn't hesitate to use this with our then eleven-year-old.

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History & Geography

Bear Grylls Survival Camp

Through the use of a copious amount of illustrations and riveting text, Bear Grylls Survival Camp presents necessary wilderness survival skills and summaries of both disastrous and victorious historical expeditions through the ages.

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The Mystery of History Volume 1, 3rd Edition

The Mystery of History: Volume I, 3rd Edition. Everything you need for teaching Ancient Civilizations through the time of Christ in one book. Written by home-school mom Linda Hobar, The Mystery of History is one spectacular masterpiece. Includes a download code for a free digital copy of the new Companion Guide with pretests; hands-on activities and research projects for younger, middle, and older students; memory card ideas; bi-weekly quizzes and exercises; timeline helps; maps; supplemental book lists; and more.

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Science in the Atomic Age Set

Berean Science offers students an opportunity to study science through the lens of history. Using a narrative dialogue and a Christian worldview, Berean Science teaches science chronologically, so there are vast and varied science topics in each volume.

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Student Notebook for Science in the Atomic Age

The Berean Science Notebooks are a convenient companion to the Berean texts for busy families. Each Notebook is written for a specific Berean Science title, and for the age of the student that will be using it. This is the Student Notebook for Science in the Atomic Age.

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Lab Kit for Science in the Atomic Age

This Science in the Atomic Age Lab Kit helps students learn all about the intricate and fascinating world of cells, tissues, and organs. Your student's knowledge will be further expanded as they discover how organ systems are able to produce organisms, and how these relate directly to population and communities.

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Batman Science

From the Batsuit and Batarangs to the Batmobile and the Batplane, Batman Science explores real-life science and technology and their often very real connection to Batman?s remarkable success.

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Intro to Filmmaking - Classic

Intro to Filmmaking allows your student to explore storytelling creatively through the universally appealing medium – film. Intro to Filmmaking is a fantastic online film curriculum for preteens and teens. The final film will be submitted for professional review and entered into a film festival complete with prizes!

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Fischertechnik Profi Mechanic & Static 2 with Engineer

The 500-piece Fischertechnik Mechanic + Static 2 kit introduces your child to the fundamentals of mechanics and structural design. Using a progression of 30 helpful models to better understand pulleys, leverage, torque, and other such concepts, Mechanic + Static 2 brings book knowledge to life.

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Simply Draw with Bob Parsons

Simply Draw with Bob Parsons. Designed to teach drawing for children as young as eight through adult education classes, the lessons in Simply Draw with Bob Parsons are simple and come with clear, step-by-step explanations.

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My Year of Art

My Year of Art is a place for your child to explore and practice his art ideas with 365 art-based, on-the-page activities. Using a combination of imaginative prompts and step-by-step suggestions, he’ll be drawing, painting, writing, making collages, and much more.

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Grazing Sheep Needle Felting Kit Deluxe with Foam Mat

An absorbing and beginner-friendly craft, Grazing Sheep Needle Felting Kit Deluxe comes with everything your child needs to create a tranquil work of art.

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Learning Tools

Mixed By Me Glow Thinking Putty Kit

Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit - Bounce, Stretch, Tear, Drip, Snap, Even Shatter Thinking Putty.

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Test Prep: Grade 7

The Test Prep series offers students the essential groundwork needed to prepare for standardized tests. Based on subject areas covered by most state standardized tests, these colorful, inviting workbooks provide a good sampling of all the skills required of each grade level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Dena B.
Great curriculum

This is my first time homeschooling and I wanted an all in one curriculum package so I opted for TimberDoodle. The work has been engaging and rewarding. My only issue is the lack of art, I feel like there could be more art as we were able to fly through it because he is so gifted in drawing. I am glad that we went with this curriculum as I have the to opportunity to learn right along side of him.

Rachael S.
Great for beginner homeschooling

We were unhappy with the way our school was handling the covid situation and just felt the need to homeschool our children. This kit has been a blessing in so many ways to us. My son is thriving and it has reduced the amount of anxiety I had as a beginner teacher. The subjects are self explanatory and provide a wide variety of interests to pursue. Her spelling has greatly improved and she's critically thinking. I highly recommend to anyone! Timberdoodle is quick to answer any questions you might have and are so polite.

Excellent selection!

I ordered the customized 7th grade curriculum. It was customized, because I am using a different literature level to teach two children (ands isn’t need the included one for this school year). We are two weeks into the curriculum and love it. It has a good mix of self-learning vs. active teaching textbooks, which we all enjoy. I always like the included curriculum book-which can help you get familiar with the materials very quickly. I’m pleased, as always, with the choices for this year!

Kim E.
Easy to use

I am new to homeschooling this year. It has been overwhelming, but timberdoodle has made the process easy and the customizable kit was self explanatory.

Customized Kits A Hit

I wish I hadn't already purchased curriculum for my 1st grader prior to discovering Timberdoodle's customized kits! My 7th grader, who has always been resistant to school work, has loved her kit. As a mom, being able to choose what we need and what will work best, has been such a blessing. I'm not longer taking hours going through me daily emails looking for a good deal on curriculum! Thank you Timberdoodle. We will be back next year!