2021 Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit

2021 Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit

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Do you need a custom Tiny Tots Curriculum?
Timberdoodle's Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit is jam-packed with everything you need to homeschool this precious age. This program is designed for the baby to two-year-old who is ready for an intentional approach to learning. It is perfect for new moms who want to enjoy their baby, but would love some direction on what to do with baby once he is fed and changed. It is equally fantastic for experienced moms who would like an easy way to ensure that baby receives focused time, just like the rest of the little learners.

We asked parents who used our Tiny Tots Kit how long they spent using these tools with their child, and they estimated that they spent an average of 1-3 hours a day on their kit. You’ll be able to plan yours to work best for you with your access to the online Timberdoodle Scheduler, included with your kit. Make sure you allow yourself and your child some time to find your own rhythm!
What's in the kit?
Want to see at a glance?

If you want a quick peek at what's included in Social Skills, or the difference between the Infant or Toddler levels then feel free to use this handy chart! Click the button below to open a PDF copy of the curriculum chart from our catalog.

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2021 Tiny Tots Handbook + Scheduler

We wanted our curriculum handbook to be extremely simple, easy to use, and promote independent study as early as possible. Our guides are designed to get you up and running today without being overwhelming, boring, or confusing.

View sample pages here

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Active Baby, Healthy Brain

Active Baby, Healthy Brain: 135 Fun Exercises and Activities to Maximize Your Child's Brain Development from Birth Through Age 5 1/2. This is the most practical handbook for all parents enthralled with their baby's intellectual and physical development.

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Language Arts

ABC Baby Signs

Give your little ones a pedagogical advantage by teaching them how to communicate with their hands. ABC Baby Signs uses the alphabet as a springboard to familiarize your baby with 26 practical, useful, and baby-friendly words in sign language.

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Flower Whistle

Help your baby develop tongue, cheek, jaw, and lip muscles, as well as respiratory control for speech and feeding skills with the colorful Flower Whistle. Both inhaling and exhaling through the Flower Whistle results in a baby-friendly sound, which provides essential stimulation for brain development.

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Indestructibles Social Studies set of 3

Indestructible Books are so rugged they can even be thrown in the wash! Just as important, the wordless pages with vibrant and creative illustrations give you and your little ones lots to discuss and study.

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Indestructibles - Big and Little: A Book of Opposites

Big and Little: A Book of Opposites is a lovely way to introduce babies to the concept of opposites. Indestructibles are made of incredible paper-like material for your baby to hold, grab, chew, pull, and bend. Bright and swirling with color, these wordless books allow parents' stories to be as rich as the artwork.

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Poppy and Sam and the Lamb Finger Puppet Book

Your toddler will love the irresistible lamb puppet in this delightful novelty book. Poppy and Sam and the Lamb Finger Puppet Book is a delightful way for parents to entertain while teaching language patterns. It provides tactile and verbal learning opportunities as the reader playfully animates the sweet lamb.

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My First Touch and Feel Cards: First Animals

My First Touch and Feel Cards: First Animals are classical educational flashcards but better. Every photo depicts the name of an animal and includes a textured portion for your baby to touch and feel, perfect to encourage sensory processing. On the back of each card is a host of questions for parents to ask.

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My First Touch and Feel Cards: First Words

My First Touch and Feel Cards: First Words are classical educational flashcards but souped up for today’s babies. The set includes 16 sturdy hardboard cards, each suitably thick to withstand clumsy small hands, and coated with a wipe-clean covering.

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Baby Books Set of 5

This collection of 5 endearing books by Usborne is full of age-appropriate questions for your youngest children to answer. By looking at and talking about the delightful yet uncomplicated illustrations, your toddler’s vocabulary comprehension will explode.

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Wimmer-Ferguson Nursery Novel

From the original innovator of black and white developmental toys for infants comes Nursery Novel, the perfect multi-sensory developmental toy for your little one. With it, they can scrunch, squeeze, lift the flaps, or look at themselves in a mirror while keeping themselves entertained for hours.

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Very First Book of Things to Spot

Watch your baby's language comprehension explode with the Usborne Very First Book of Things to Spot. Searching the simple, beautifully illustrated pages, your baby will learn the names of items and their actions.

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Very First Book of Things to Spot at Home

You are going to love how this book continues in the tradition of Very First Book of Things to Spot while building vocabulary your child will use everyday. The variety of questions means that you and your child will find it fresh and fascinating time after time.

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Earth Tones Junior Rainbow Pebbles

Odd as it sounds, research indicates that early math skills are a better predictor of academic success than early reading skills. Junior Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set makes math accessible to toddlers as young as 18 months.

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Pixel Baby

According to developmental experts, manual dexterity is directly tied to cognitive development, making it essential to encourage your young one's fine motor skills. Pixel Baby makes it fun and easy with very large buttons and a transparent board with holes, where your child places the buttons in the correct holes.

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Whirly Squigz

Whirly Squigz are constructed of high quality, food-grade silicone with superior plastic bearings that will never rust. Each Whirly Squigz spins around freely with just a bump from a chubby hand and keeps on turning for a remarkably long time.

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Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter

The soft, squishy, and downy-to-touch Rubbabu 3-D Animal Shape Sorter is a perfect first puzzle for younger children. Natural, anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant, mildew resistant, hypo-allergenic, and flame resistant.

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Rainbow Cloud Pop

Press, release, and watch the colors of the rainbow pop with the new Rainbow Cloud Pop. Tap the cheerfully colored wooden rods to see them bob, or push a bit harder and watch them leap out. Returning the wooden pegs to their color-coded holes will encourage your baby’s eye-hand coordination and color-matching skills.

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Once Upon a STEM

Once Upon a STEM allows even the earliest of learners to build successfully with this collection of big, soft, colorful magnetic foam construction pieces. Frustration-free Once Upon a STEM blocks are designed with a patented magnetic connection system that ensures these blocks always attract, with no polarity conflict.

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Match the Buddies Puzzles

Match the Buddies puzzles will help develop your toddler’s concentration, motor skills, language skills, and logical thinking. The 12 two-piece puzzles feature extra-large pieces packaged into a sturdy, handy box with a practical toddler-friendly handle.

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PlanToys Stacking Rocket

By far one of the most attractive stacking toys ever, PlanToys Stacking Rocket is much more than a stacking toy. Each of the four rainbow-colored disks is a double-sided shape puzzle with the smaller pieces inside. Even the cute little astronaut is a shape puzzle.

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SmartMax My First Acrobats

Familiarize your toddler with magnetism, color matching, stacking, and more with My First Acrobats. This charming spatial reasoning game uses shapes, silhouettes, and magnetism as an early introduction to building and engineering concepts.

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Emotional Intelligence

Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions

A simple introduction to five common emotions, Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions is a wonderfully interactive book for babies and toddlers.

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Mobi Peeka Mirror

Developed by doctors and therapists, the clear-sight, shatter-resistant Peeka Mirror is easy to transport in a purse or diaper bag. Made from BPA-free and phthalate-free food-grade silicone, the Peeka Mirror will be an endless source of educational entertainment for your baby.

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Hide And Seek Shark

One of the classic games we associate with early childhood actually helps with cognitive development for young toddlers — hide and seek. Now the Hide & Seek Shark allows you to engage in this brain-boosting activity without squeezing yourself behind the couch.

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Corolle's Bebe Marin

Empathy, recognizing the feelings of others and responding with care, is a very complex social-emotional skill for a toddler to develop. Corolle’s Bébé Marin is a perfect companion for practicing such skills. His soft, posable body is the ideal size for your child to rock and cradle in their arms.

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Playmobil Community

Pretend play with toddlers is vitally important because it helps your child understand the importance of language. It also allows you to introduce him to various social and emotional scenarios concerning himself and the world. With Playmobil Community, he will learn how to take turns and creatively problem-solve.

Please note: Due to availability issues from the manufacturer, this set has needed to be changed. It will now contain My First Train Set, Airplane, Fire Truck, and Police Car. It no longer contains Bus, Dump Truck, or associated pieces. We apologize for any inconvenience. Product pictures will be updated soon.

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Let's Play Animal Bingo

Let’s Play Animal Bingo’s opening game is very simple. Just place the high-quality, thick-cardboard tokens face up and match the vibrantly colored animals to their habitats. Trains perception, concentration, and logical thinking. Cultivates family interaction.

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Motor Skills

Dimpl Stack

Small, very tactile, portable with no loose parts, and super quiet, Dimpl Duo is the perfect toy to pack for lengthy church services or a delay in a waiting room. Made with food-grade silicone buttons, the Dimpl Duo is a sensory feast with baby-friendly textures, colors, and shapes.

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Gymnic Physio Roll - Red

Using an exercise & therapy ball, with its inclination towards instability, will strengthen your baby's core muscles, body awareness, balance, and attention. Gymnic Physio Roll makes perfect sense. Because of its unique, peanut shape, it will roll in only one direction, providing unparalleled security and stability.

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Wigloo by Mobi

Made for babies’ curiosity-inspired habits, Wigloo is a multi-dimensional activity toy that encourages and supports motor skills, sensory exploration, midline play, and cause-and-effect. Made from food-grade silicone, the BPA- and Phthalate-free Wigloo is perfectly safe for babies who stick everything in their mouths.

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Woolies - Set of 3

Non-toxic and hypoallergenic Woolies are the perfect balls for babies and toddlers who tend to have sensitive skin. Soft and gentle with no sharp edges, our Woolies don't contain dyes or scents and are made of natural materials.

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Gymnic Over Ball - Yellow

Rolling, throwing, catching, and kicking are all skills that will improve your little one’s coordination and dexterity. One of the best child-friendly balls for that is the Gymnic Over Ball. With its squishy, grippy, lightly textured, very huggable surface, the Gymnic Over Ball is super easy to catch and throw.

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Haba Palette of Pegs

Loved by occupational therapists, parents, and children alike, Palette of Pegs will develop and strengthen visual perception skills, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills, including the pincer grasp.

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Pop Toobs - set of 6

Pop Toobs can be popped, stretched, bent, and connected providing tactile stimulation, fine motor skills, and auditory feedback.

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Spot-the-Dot Markers

Spot-the-Dot Markers allow your child to be creative in a super-fun, mess-free way, even while his fine motor skills are still developing. Their large, chunky size improves control, dexterity, muscle strength, and the thumb-and-finger hold, critical for young children to use a pencil or fork.

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Sensory Skills

Taggies Crinkle Me - Sloth

Part soother, part activity toy. The 6.5" x 6.5" Crinkle Me Taggies - Sloth has a squeaker and delightfully crinkly paper inside.

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Sarah's Silks Playsilk - Starry Night

The best toys for babies are simple, uncomplicated ones that assist them in gaining important skills. Wispy enough for a tiny baby to manipulate, PlaySilks provide a wonderful sensory experience.

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Yoee Baby Fox

Yoee Baby is a toy that includes interaction and bonding, sensory development, body awareness, language development, gross-motor skills, and fine motor skills.

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ZoLi Chubby Gummy Teethers

The pain of teething will motivate a baby to chew on anything in a search for relief. When using ZoLi Chubby Gummy Teethers, the baby will learn all about different shapes and textures, strengthening his mouth muscles in preparation for eating and making sounds, and beginning to fine-tune his hand-mouth coordination.

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Pat Bells Station

Give your toddler a wonderful multi-sensory learning experience of making music with the Playme Pat Bells. Each bell is an individual musical note, and they are super easy to play, just pat the wooden button on top. Never out of tune and with no worries about broken strings, they are constructed for strength and beauty.

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Tactile Search and Match

Tactile Search and Match is a sensory puzzle for toddlers. Sensory play is crucial to brain development as it builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways and supports cognitive growth, language development, gross motor skills, and more. It is also great for quieting a fearful or frustrated toddler.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Sara W.
Just what our family needed

Our 6 month old is really getting into this kit & loving it. Our 3 & 5 year olds love many of the items too & enjoy helping their little brother with things. So far everything has been used & enjoyed in our homeschool. These items will last many years to come as our tiny tot gets bigger. So glad we bought this. I haven’t found myself buying lots of toys & extras like we did with our other kids because we have these items that baby is loving.

Excellent for ages 2 +

After A LOT of contemplation, I purchased a customized Tiny Tot Toddler Kit for my 20-month-old last spring. We used a few of the items right away, but most of the kit was packed away until fall. My original intent, in purchasing the kit, was to have something to occupy my little guy when his 3 older brothers started their homeschool charter (also using Timberdoodle kits😉). I’m happy to report that the toddler kit ended up being a wonderful fit for us and a purchase I do not regret!

If you are looking for some insight into how I ultimately made a decision, I’ll share my thoughts here. To start, my biggest concern was investing a large sum of money only to discover that my 2-year-old was too advanced for the toddler kit. I felt the Tiny Tots Kit was designed to be used primarily by babies/toddlers, and perhaps, at age 2, my little would be too old for most of the activities. However, when I looked at the preschool kit, I knew he was definitely not ready for most of the materials or concepts, especially without extensive help. I felt like he was in between the two kits which made the decision really difficult. The main reason I went with a customized toddler kit was because I needed things my little could complete on his own. I specifically needed activities that my little guy could do independently, either in his highchair or at a small table, while I worked on studies with his elementary brothers each morning. This kit “checked that box” and so much more!

How we organized:
To make things more manageable I sorted all the activities into five 40-quart clear plastic tote boxes, labeling each with a day of the week (Monday-Friday). All the materials, with the exception of the Pat Bells Station, fit into the totes. (To remind us to pull out the Pat Bells Station we put a matching weekday label on its box.) This made things super easy and allowed anyone in the household to grab the day’s tote. Our little guy was always SO excited to open the tote and see the activities inside. I appreciated that they were safe, fun and educational. The activities were simple enough that he could complete them on his own but engaging enough to keep him occupied and learning.

One thing to note:
If you have a toddler that chews on everything you will need to provide some closer supervision with some of the kit’s contents! Since we wanted our little guy to be able to work with limited direct instruction, we found it necessary to remove the Rubbabu Animal Shape Sorter and Once Upon a Stem set. We were worried enough about his safety, and the destruction of those items, so it was just easier to set these things aside. We plan on re-introducing the Once Upon a Stem set sometime after he turns three. Ultimately, that is the beauty of the toddler kit! Many of the items grow with the child and are useful beyond the age of 2. The Earth Tones Rainbow Pebbles, Pixel Baby, Very First Book of Things to Spot books, Once Upon a Stem, Hide & Seek Polar Bear, Gymnic Over Ball and Pat Bells Station are among the many items I see us utilizing well into the next year!

What was missing:
There were a few things I felt were missing from this kit, so I made some additions to complete the daily totes. I wanted a “string bead” or “lacing” type activity and ended up purchasing these separately. We also added some wood animal stacking blocks and a wood shape sorter. The thing I wished for most was a STEM type bath toy – I know the Once Upon a Stem set is recommended for the bath – but I was looking for a more traditional bath type item with pouring cups and such. Other than that, I’ve been very pleased with our purchase and that’s why I’m back. I’m ready to purchase a preschool kit so our little guy will have his own curriculum for the fall and I’m confident I won’t be disappointed after our satisfaction with the Tiny Tots Kit!!!

A few things I’d change but still great

I almost did 4 stars because of the fact that there are a few things that I feel are a bit useless in the kit. The infant kit all together I feel is a waste but if you do the older kid kit it’s great for right before preschool age. My girl doesn’t care for some of the things included and not much educational value but I did 5 stars because it does in fact have a lot of great toys and learning activities as well. She has learned her colors and shapes and a variety of animals because of this kit and I realized afterword that I can make a custom kit and take out any of the waste of money things I feel are in the kit. Overall this is a great buy for young kids not ready to start school.

Christine B.
Love it

Our baby and toddler love this!

Christine B.
Infant and toddler

We loved this kit. We have foster children ages 8 months and 2 years and this was perfect for them. I needed toys for the baby and I was thrilled to get high quality toys that help with development. Our 2yo likes to homeschool with our older children so this gave her plenty of activities to do and she has learned so much already. We loved it so much we went back and bought the toddler kit for our grandson who is 18 months.