ABC 123 Putty Mats with FREE Morph

ABC 123 Putty Mats with FREE Morph

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Timberdoodle's Review

ABC 123 Putty Mats
While supplies last, this item comes with Atomic Tangerine Morph!
Learning the alphabet will be one of the hardest tasks your preschooler will undertake. ABC 123 Putty Mats adds a fun element to the learning. Just shape, mold, and fill in the letter or number on each mat. This tactile and visual experience helps to create neural pathways for reading and writing. Each durable card features colorful illustrations of objects that begin with the letter, or a quantity of shapes to correspond to the numeral.

ABC 123 Putty Mats were designed for use with putty, and it works beautifully with any of our Thinking Putty, sold separately. But knowing that Thinking Putty sticks to hair, clothing, furniture, and carpet made using it with our household of preschoolers very stressful. Instead, we have opted to use Morph, which won’t stick to your carpet, furniture, papers, or hair but does leave a bit of color behind on the cards. Our thoughts are that the tiny bit of ‘ghosting’ isn’t nearly as bad as dealing with a preschooler and Thinking Putty! ABC 123 Putty Mats strengthens fine motor skills and recognition of letters and numbers, and includes 35 illustrated cards with each letter of the alphabet and numerals 1-9.

  • Strengthens fine motor skills, recognition of letters, and counting of numbers
  • Primes children for reading and writing proficiency
  • Includes 35 illustrated cards with each letter of the alphabet and numbers 1-9
  • Coated card stock with color illustrations

  • Manufacturer: Fun and Function
    Age Recommendation: 3+
    Card Size: 6"L x 7"W
    Card Weight: 2 oz.
    Cleaning Instructions: Wipe to clean
    Faith-Based: No


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