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AGS United States Government
What could be more important than learning about government? United States citizens need to stay informed, know their rights, and be involved. It’s basic to a democratic system. This comprehensive, non-religious text explores the origins and development of our government, the history of political parties, and the branches of our government.

Colorful and Relatable
United States Government is designed to appeal to students with charts, biographies, vocabulary, colorful graphics, and study tips to motivate learning. Throughout, students are encouraged to relate government to their own lives with these added sidebars: Civics Connection, Did You Know?, Government in Your Life, and Writing About Government.

The Components
Each United States Government Homeschool Kit revolves around the colorful, hard-cover student textbook that is the backbone of the curriculum. A Student Workbook is also included with fill-in-the-blank activities, multiple-choice questions, crossword puzzles, and many other types of workbook pages. The final component is a massive Teacher's Edition. It shows all the student pages along with answers, additional activity ideas, questions to discuss, etc.

Please note that access to the Teacher's Resource Library is not included with this Homeschool Bundle. Pearson has done that to keep your costs at a minimum. A comprehensive Teacher's Manual is included so this isn't likely to prove a problem, but we thought you'd want to know that there are extra tests, etc. mentioned which are not included in the kit. Thankfully those components aren't needed in a homeschool environment!

Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's Secular 2017 Sixth-Grade Curriculum Kit!
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  • Student Edition
  • Student Workbook
  • Teacher Edition
  • Parent Guide

  • ISBN: 9780785471707
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