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bambinoLUK Starter Pack includes:
  • bambinoLUK Controller (six tiles and a tray) - Necessary for use with all bambinoLUK workbooks
  • My First bambinoLUK Workbook. Sixty-six exercises (eleven puzzles with six problems each) provide an overview of the entire early learning series.
  • Parent Teacher Guide
  • bambinoLUK Skills Chart - Detailed rating levels for every exercise in this series
  • Unlimited access to "design-it-yourself" templates and resources online

    The exercises included in the Starter Pack are excerpts from See and Sort, Zoo Animals, Seek and Compare, Concentration Games, More Concentration Games, Farm Animals, Brainteasers for Kids, Think and Associate, All About Colors and Shapes, and Starting to Do Addition.

    More About the LUK Learning System:

    Hands-On Thinking Skills Program
    Young children are almost always hands-on learners. That is why your child picks up and touches everything. It may look destructive, but it is how God has programmed him to learn. And because at this age your child will learn more easily using this preferred learning style, we recommend adding a hands-on thinking program to any written curriculum, to add balance and success.

    Comprehensive Program for Ages 3-5
    For this age group, the most comprehensive program is the bambinoLUK. The LUK learning system has been used in over fifty countries for more than forty years. Intended to maximize children's learning, bambinoLUK contains one easy-to-operate controller with six tiles housed in a transparent case and a number of different workbook sets targeting memorization, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking, linguistic skills, and basic arithmetic.

    The six large and sturdy tiles have a familiar picture symbol on one side and a colorful dotted pattern on the back. The decision to use symbols instead of numbers allows even very young children to play. When your child finishes the exercises in one of the books, he closes the lid and flips the controller. The colorful dotted pattern on the back will let him know if his answers were right.

    Also Builds Fine Motor Skills
    Because this program requires the repeated handling of tiles, your child's fine motor skills are strengthened and his eye-hand and brain coordination are greatly enhanced. For ages three to five; produced by a secular company, so some of the pages may not be suitable for your children.

    Set For Ages 2-5 and Special Needs
    In bambinoLUK Primary Set, formerly known as Special bambinoLUK, the pace is even gentler than the classic bambinoLUK, allowing both toddlers and older children with special needs immediate success.

    Reinforces the following early childhood developmental skills:
  • Fine motor skills
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Everyday knowledge
  • Visual perception
  • Concentration
  • Critical thinking
  • Beginning math

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Michael Junga
    BEYOND 123 LLC
    Faith-Based: No
    Made In:

    Awards and Endorsements:
    iParenting Media Award Winner - 2007 Best Products
    Winner of The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2006

    How To Use bambino:

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  • Customer Reviews

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    This was totally new to me, never seen anything like this before. It took us a couple of minutes to figure out what to do but after that the concept is pretty straight forward. Tried it out when my son was 3, he didn’t really get it. But now that he is 4 he can go through all the challenges pretty easily. He only likes to do them once in awhile. If I try to bring it out too frequently he will complain that he has already done that. But he does enjoy just playing with it as a toy. He will pretend that all the six tiles are cookies. He puts them all in the case puts it in his play oven and says he’s making cookies. When they are done he walks around with the case serving cookies. It’s pretty cute. The case has fallen on the floor a couple times and maybe even thrown. It has chipped and cracked, it is kinda falling apart a bit. Wish it was made stronger since kids are pretty much expected to drop it a couple times.


    We love these for independent work. Also great for eye-hand coordination, memory, matching, etc.

    Jaydie S.
    Essentially a learning game!

    This can just about pass off as a game so we sneak it in sometimes even when we are not doing school. I love that they can set up each page by themselves and self-check their answers when they have completed the page. Both my children have used these, starting at age three, and have enjoyed them very much. We have the full set and it's nice that the levels advance can see those little brains start turning to figure out the harder things.

    Eboni B.
    Bambino set

    I took me a little bit to get the hang of it. But it is now a daily activity for my 2yo. Thank you timberdoodle.


    Independent and a great travel and rest time activity. We also like the other set by this company. Sturdy and durable.