BOB Books Set 1: Beginning Readers

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Timberdoodle's Review
BOB Books Set 1: Beginning Readers
First published in 1976, Bob Books have been used by millions of beginning readers, and have long been a staple in the homeschool community. Each pint-sized story is carefully crafted to help young children master essential reading skills.

Fully phonics based, these books focus on decoding, identifying each letter of the alphabet, and their specific sounds. Developed as a step-by-step, book-by-book program to guide your children smoothly through the beginning stages of reading, this simple, progressive approach can be a valuable stepping stone for children who are mastering phonics but are still too shaky to attempt basal readers.

Beginning with repetitive, simple, single-consonant, two-word sentences, each book builds on the skills and vocabulary from the last book.

Why do children like Bob Books?
First, these time-honored books are not only are sized just right for little hands, but the stories are also short and sweet. In fact, the very first book is a mere 22 words told over 8 pages, yet there is great satisfaction for your youngster as he completes his very first book. Secondly, these lighthearted books contain a bit of wacky mischief. In the first book, overweight Mat sits on cone-shaped Sam, an action that has not failed to amuse children for over 30 years. Finally, because of the simple text and clean, cartoon-type illustrations, children who are easily prone to distractions will have an easier time focusing and ultimately mastering phonics.

Each set of books contains a card with an introduction to the series and 10 to 12 parental teaching tips, and stores neatly in recloseable boxes.
12 Beginning Readers:
1) Mat
2) Sam
3) Dot
4) Mac
5) Dot and Mit
6) Dot and the Dog
7) Jig and Mag
8) Muff and Ruff
9) 10 Cut-Ups
10) Peg and Ted
11) Lad and the Fat Cat
12) The Vet

Also includes a "Teaching Guide," which is really a simple card with 11 Hints For Teaching Your Child to Read on one side and a list of some of the features of Bob books on the other.

Publisher's Information
Pages: Twelve 8-page booklets; 96 pages total
Binding: Paperback, 5.5" x 4.25"
Consumable: No
Copyright: This edition: May 2006
ISBN: 0-439-84500-9
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Bobby Lynn Maslen
Illustrator: John Maslen
Printed In: China
Faith-Based: No


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