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Timberdoodle's Review
Body of Evidence Curriculum - Set of Eight DVDs
Easiest, Most Complete Anatomy Course on DVD
What we eat, what we drink, how we live; at the heart of many of the bad health choices we make is a serious ignorance of the earthen vessels we call our bodies. Body of Evidence, a sixteen-part series on eight DVDs, is the easiest, most complete approach to giving our children an in-depth look at one of God’s marvelous creations: ourselves.

Former Medical University Professor
Targeted for high school students needing a course in human anatomy and physiology, Body of Evidence is a journey through the human body – from cells and tissues to major organs and systems.
A little bit campy in its approach, Body of Evidence consists of two high school students receiving instruction from former medical university professor Dr. David Menton. Though the setup may seem a bit stilted at first, a few moments into the series Dr. Menton’s sincere passion for the wonder of the human body will easily have you overlooking the contrived setting.

Explores Even Delicate Topics with Unusual Modesty and Diplomacy
And while Body of Evidence features lots of anatomical props, models, and microscopic images employed to make each lecture crystal clear, it is Dr. Menton’s excellent teaching that makes Body of Evidence such a stellar program. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he seems to be equally passionate about passing that knowledge on to his students. With the unruffled serenity and plain-spokenness of a country doctor, Dr. Menton explores even delicate topics with unusual modesty and diplomacy. His use of a (genderless) life-size torso of the human body, slides of actual organ tissue on a high resolution monitor, and detailed computer illustrations throughout Body of Evidence make many otherwise hard-to-understand concepts easier to grasp.

Appropriate and Informative for the Entire Family
Body of Evidence brings to light intriguing facts of God’s original design, so now your family can finally explore human anatomy and physiology in a Creator-honoring way! Appropriate and informative for the entire family, Body of Evidence is absolutely the best anatomy course currently available to homeschoolers and is a resource that will be utilized over and over again.

The Body of Evidence collection is a total of 635 minutes long on eight DVDs and is worth one semester of high school credit.

(Note: Following the pattern of the world, each Body of Evidence DVD contains previews of other Answers in Genesis materials. Parents of young children should be aware that one clip in particular could be quite disturbing. Fast forwarding to The Body of Evidence will solve that.)

Body of Evidence Study Guide (Not Included with 8-DVD Set)
The sixty-four-page Body of Evidence Self-Test Book (sold separately) contains more than 600 questions that allow older students to get maximum benefit from the Body of Evidence DVD Series. Detailed questions follow the order of topics presented and guide students to find the answers. The questions also serve as an outline for the course. Each student will want his or her own copy to get the most out of the course.

Body of Evidence Answer Key
Note, the Body of Evidence Self-Test Book is a compilation of questions only, with no answers. But an answer key for this series is available to download. Please click here to download the PDF.

Body of Evidence DVD - Cells & Tissue
The human body is composed of many types of cells. But none of them perform their function well on their own because they were designed to function as part of something much more complex—you!

An adult has about a hundred trillion cells arranged in four primary tissues that make up all the organs of the body. The four tissues are epithelium, connective tissue, muscle, and nerve. An understanding of these primary tissues greatly aids in understanding the structure and function of the organs of the body. Although our skin and kidneys look totally different to the unaided eye, under the microscope they are seen to be made up of a unique combination of the same four primary tissues.

A general understanding of gross anatomy is important to the student of human biology, but most organs reveal little about how they actually work when viewed in this way. As with most topics in this series, Dr. Menton and his students again turn to the microscope to better understand how the various organs and organ systems work.

Body of Evidence: The Skeletal System
Without bones you would be a lump of fleshy organs. Without cartilage you would have no nose, no fingernails, and folding your arm or straightening your leg would be extremely painful.

Cartilage and bone are examples of connective tissue that are widespread and very important in our bodies. Cartilage requires no blood supply and actually repels blood vessels. This, plus its rubbery and slippery qualities, makes cartilage well-suited for joints.

Bone serves many important functions such supporting our body, protecting delicate organs, making blood cells, and maintaining critical calcium levels. Under the microscope, bone is one of the body’s most beautifully constructed organs. The exquisite design of osteons makes compact bone, pound for pound, as strong as cast iron. Most amazing is the fact that the bones of the adult skeleton are highly dynamic structures that constantly change shape to best meet the loads that are placed on them.

Body of Evidence: The Integumentary System
Skin serves to waterproof, cushion, and protect deeper tissues. In addition to numerous other vital roles, it provides Vitamin D synthesis and protects against infectious organisms. Other parts of the integumentary system include the skin’s glands and appendages, such as hair and nails.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and the one we are probably most familiar with. It is right there before our eyes every day, but without the aid of a microscope we cannot really appreciate its complexity and many important functions. Our very life on this planet depends on a dead layer of epithelial cells no thicker than refrigerator shrink wrap. The connective tissue of our dermis is woven in a way to make our skin tough but elastic. Our sweat glands control our body temperature and allow us to work in hot weather. Our pigment cells protect our skin from the sun’s radiation.

And wait until you see, through the technology of high magnification, the marvelous complexity of the hair follicle and hair!

Body of Evidence: The Cardiovascular System
The cardiovascular system (the heart and blood vessels) is the most vitally important organ system in the body. Your heart pumps blood, and your blood vessels channel and deliver nutrient-rich oxygenated blood throughout your body.

The heart is a pump about the size of your fist. In your lifetime, this little pump beats about 2 billion times (without stopping) and pumps over 100 million gallons of blood. This blood travels through over 60 thousand miles of blood vessels—arteries, arterioles, capillaries, and veins—to bring nourishment and oxygen to all parts of your body. You may be surprised to learn that the heart is actually two pumps: one pumps blood to the lungs and the other pumps blood to the rest of the body.

Man has never designed a workable substitute for blood. Blood plasma carries nutrients; red blood cells bind life-sustaining oxygen to hemoglobin; white blood cells combat infections and diseases; small cell fragments called platelets patch up holes in our blood vessels and keep us from bleeding to death.

The Bible says the “blood is the life.” Indeed, our life critically depends on about 30 trillion blood cells consisting of red cells that exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide and white cells that help to prevent infection and reject foreign materials.

Body of Evidence: The Respiratory System
The human respiratory system—of which the lungs are the largest component—is the most high-tech air purification and conditioning system on earth. Although we don’t normally think about how smoothly and effectively our lungs work unless they start to malfunction, practically every human is launched into life with two of them!

Finely tuned, yet sturdy enough for 90 years or longer on this earth, our lungs are ventilated with voluntary muscles about 20 times every minute and yet we breathe all day without even thinking about it.

Body of Evidence: The Digestive System
The average person eats about 100,000 pounds of food during his lifetime. Have you ever considered what happens in the body to make use of all those grains, meats, and vegetables—plus all those fun sweets? Did you know that your stomach produces hydrochloric acid, and your colon harbors more than 400 distinct species of helpful bacteria?

The adult digestive system is amazing. The digestive tract itself is 20–30 feet long. It takes about two hours for food to be rhythmically propelled through this system, during which carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. “Accessory glands” such as the pancreas, liver, and salivary glands aid in the digestive process and the utilization of food to make the fuel that the body uses for growth and metabolism.

Body of Evidence: The Urinary System
The once-terrifying thought of the loss of kidney function is now seen by many as just another medical inconvenience. But is that accurate? Most of us know someone who has been helped by high-tech machines that attempt to do the job of the kidneys. Yet with all of man’s skills, machines and medications are insufficient substitutes for God’s original design.

The kidneys rid the body of the waste products of protein metabolism in the form of urea and maintain a balance of salts, water, and other substances. The kidneys’ unusual approach for ridding the bloodstream of unwanted substances is to essentially throw nearly everything out and then absorb back what the body needs. The three basic functions of the kidneys—filtration, excretion, and absorption—are carried out by nearly 2 million “filtering” units called nephrons.

In this DVD, Dr. Menton uses human anatomical models, microscope imaging, and detailed computer illustrations to describe the importance and incredible design of the human kidney.

Body of Evidence: The Hearing Ear & The Seeing Eye
No organs of the human body attest more abundantly to God’s creative handiwork than the ear and the eye. The amazing hand of the Creator is obvious to anyone willing to take a brief tour just below the surface.

In the ear, sound waves pass successively through air, bone, and a watery fluid to reach the marvelous organ of Corti, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy that the brain interprets as sound.

The eye is actually a part of the brain itself, and functions as a living camera with automatic control of focus and light. In the retina, light passes through living “fiber optics” to reach the photoreceptor cells that pass information to the brain, which is interpreted as vision.

Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2017 Eleventh-Grade Curriculum Kit!
View a sample of the video at this link.

Body of Evidence Curriculum - Set of Eight DVDS
Includes all eight Dvds:
  • DVD 1: Cells and Tissue Part 1: 37 minutes. Part 2: 37 minutes.
  • DVD 2: Skeletal System Part 1: 39 minutes. Part 2: 36 minutes
  • DVD 3: Integumentary System (Skin) Part 1: 45 minutes. Part 2: 48 Minutes
  • DVD 4: Cardiovascular System (Heart) Part 1: 48 minutes. Part 2: 37 Minutes
  • DVD 5: Respiratory System (Lungs) Part 1: 38 minutes. Part 2: 33 minutes
  • DVD 6: Digestive System Part 1: 37 Minutes. Part 2: 37 Minutes
  • DVD 7: Urinary System Part 1: 26 Minutes. Part 2: 38 Minutes
  • DVD 8: The Hearing Ear & The Seeing Eye Part 1: 35 mins. Part 2: 63 mins.

  • Made In: USA
    Publisher: Answers in Genesis
    Faith-Based: Yes

    Awards and Endorsements: Best in Class Award
    Timberdoodle 2011 Award Winner - Science Curriculum of the Year

    Body of Evidence DVD: The Digestive System – Product Review by His Homestead Originals

    review by His Homestead Originals

    "As a homeschool family, finding great resources to use in our teaching is akin to finding hidden treasure! Our latest treasure? The Body of Evidence [Digestive System] DVDs that bring Dr. David Menton, PhD right into our living rooms to teach the whole family! We loved the easy to follow teachings of Dr. Menton and his direct style. [These] are an absolutely excellent resource (that we will use again and again) for our homeschool libraries...highly recommended!!"

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    review by Travel Inspired Living

    "We reviewed Skeletal System, Cartilage & Bone Parts 1 & 2 DVD by Body of Evidence. For my visual/audio learner, the Body of Evidence DVD's couldn't fit more perfectly. The material is presented in easy to understand language and a laid back style that includes fascinating facts about the human body that I never knew. If you're looking for DVD's to supplement your anatomy study or simply want to offer your children an overview without a full blown course, the Body of Evidence DVD Curriculum - Set of 8 DVDS are a great way to do just that!"

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