Building Blocks of Science - Book K

Building Blocks of Science - Book K

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Timberdoodle's Review
The Building Blocks of Science Book K
Without a textbook to guide them some moms will wonder if they have taught enough science. The Building Blocks of Science Book K takes that worry away. Book K is a fun way for your kindergartener to be introduced to five areas of science - chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and geology - with drawing, activity, and coloring pages.

Scientific concepts and terminology are presented clearly and in a manner that’s easy for kids to understand. The illustrations that clarify a concept, like atoms and molecules, are easy to understand and remember. Book K even includes simple experiments, observations, and outdoor activities for the five core science subjects. What a low-fuss way for your child to begin learning basic science concepts!

Some families notice the many coloring pages with minimal text and think that this is just a coloring book. Building Blocks of Science Book K is partly a coloring book, but there is nothing "just" about it. Imagine, at an age that many publicly educated students receive little to no science education, your kindergartners will be introduced to concepts they'll continue to build on through college. There is much more here than simple coloring; there is differentiating between atom models, predicting physics outcomes, and completing basic activities. Children who enjoy coloring pages will be thrilled at the coloring assignments. For those who eschew such work, parents can adapt the tasks to include marking, circling, or discussing parts of pictures rather than coloring them. The minimal instruction is a quick overview for young learners, but for those who desire to go deeper, the text can lend itself as a springboard for more extensive discussion.
Publisher: Real Science-4-Kids
Format: Softcover
Layout: Black & white on white paper
Pages: 205
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Faith-Based: No

Customer Reviews

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Building Blocks of Science

I'd say overall this work book is good. My son has learned about basic scientific concepts. The many simple illustrations help make abstract ideas easy to understand for a 5 year old. However, there is a lot of coloring that we've skipped in this book since my son doesn't love coloring.


This book is very basic. It does cover multiple concepts and has some fun activities. It is very age appropriate, however, my daughter loves to draw and color so this book is pretty boring for her. I plan on saving it for my son who isn't as comfortable with coloring.

Not For Us

This is a coloring book with every little scientific information. My learner wanted more activities and information. We finally switched to a different curriculum.

It's NOT Just a Coloring Book!

I read lots of reviews that complained about it being a coloring book. It is, but it's not. He is learning so much. Science, coloring in the lines, math, creativity, drawing/art, and so much more! With every page it ignites new questions, whys and hows. We love the product!

All my Daughters love this book

I didn't think science would be this fun for them. We started learning about atoms and my 1st grader was saying how many arms each one had. They just get so excited about this book. Plus I like that is has coloring activities on the pages because they are learning while having fun. I am happy with this book.

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