Can You Find Me Kindergarten

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Timberdoodle's Review
Download sample pages from Can You Find Me Kindergarten (PDF)

Experts agree that riddles boost children’s intelligence by exposing them to critical thinking and problem-solving. Riddles can also improve creativity and are an excellent warm-up exercise for your kindergartner's brain. Can You Find Me will give your child ample opportunities to think and reason, with 100 mind-building riddles that introduce critical thinking and systematic analysis. To solve each colorful rhyming riddle, your child may need to identify similarities and differences, recognize sequences, classify objects, or interpret analogies. These are concepts found in most state and national standards.

Can You Find Me challenges require understanding two or more clues to deduce the answer. No pencilwork is necessary, as your child can either point to a picture or answer verbally. Can You Find Me covers reading readiness, science, math, and social studies and includes answers and a chart of skills developed in each activity.
Rhyming riddles teach sequences, classifications, analogies, and logic!

Publisher's Information
  • Pages: 112- Full Color
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0-89455-794-1
  • Publisher: The Critical Thinking Co.™
  • Consumable: If desired
  • Reproducible: Yes
  • Faith-Based: No

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    Love this book! My almost

    Love this book! My almost four year old really enjoys it!

    Can you find me Kindergarten

    Christyna loves this book. Her Mom and Aunta love these kind of books, thinking. Shge can do this one and loves it.

    Well Rounded Activity Book

    This workbook contains a variety of activities that feature a balanced approach to problem solving. Rhyming format is engaging and objectives are easily mastered.

    Very Helpful

    We did most all of this book verbally. My children enjoyed them, and it covered vital skills. After experiencing various kinds of learning therapies with some of my children, CTP covers them well and at a fraction of the price. These materials are good for both the challenged and traditional student

    Review by The Modest Mom

    This book is for kindergarten or first grade level students. I was delighted when I opened the book to see simple color pictures (I am not a fan of flashy, busy color workbooks for little ones). Israel (my 5 year old son) struggled through parts of this book which clearly showed me that we have some areas we need to work on. Thankfully though, he enjoys doing it so the challenge doesn't bother him. If you have a child who really struggles with solving problems read out loud to him, than this book would be excellent at helping strengthen them in that area. One section of the book includes four different pictures. The child is expected to tell you chronologically what comes first, second, etc. in the scene. I found that to be very good for Israel to think through those problems. He liked the reading part, putting the ABC's in order, finding out what comes first, listening for the sounds, etc. We will continue working through this book, as I still see some areas that need to be improved upon before moving on. I think this book could be revisited several times if needed in order to brush up on the problems the child struggled solving a few months earlier.

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