Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism

Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism

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Timberdoodle's Review

A Comparative Study of Christian Theology and Ancient PolytheismOften what is new in the homeschool market is just a dusting-off of what is old–a new cover, a new typeset, a tweak here, a nip there. But Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism is truly like nothing I have seen in all my twenty-plus years in the homeschool market.

Focuses on Four Critical Worldview Questions
This nine-month curriculum compares and contrasts ancient Near Eastern myths–lies, if you will–with Old Testament stories. Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism is the Christian reader's guide for the Sumerian novel Secret of the Scribe. It focuses on four critical worldview questions–Who is God? What is He like? Who is man? What is his purpose?–and why the answers to those questions matter.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Christian Theology
Through the study, your child will gain a richer awareness of the magnificence of the Gospel. Ultimately, the goal is your child's deeper understanding of Christian theology. While Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism begins with your child reading paraphrased versions of pagan myths, by the completion of the course he will have read the very texts that college professors use to discredit the Bible. He will also see how the mistaken beliefs and temptations of the ancients have profound relevance even today. Heavy stuff, but all within the grasp of even a ten-year-old. Highly recommended.

The worldview expressed both in the novel and in the historical setting provides a spring board for discussion and reflection.

Please Note: The Engaging Thinkers Historical Novel Secret of the Scribe (available separately) is required.


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Publisher's Information
Author: Marcia Harris Brim
Pages: 284
Copyright: 2009
ISBN: 9780977070473
Publisher: Brimwood
Made In: USA

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Great resource!

Great resource!

Connects OT/Current Culture

Teaches SO WELL how the worldviews of culture in the O.T. parallel our worldviews today. Very relevant. Sets foundation for higher learning of worldviews and the terminology that goes along with it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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