Clumsy Thief Junior

Clumsy Thief Junior

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Timberdoodle's Review
Clumsy Thief Junior
If your kiddos are still using their fingers to add sums up to 10, then Clumsy Thief Junior is the game for them. Targeting mental math, Clumsy Thief Junior is an excellent way for children to get math practice without realizing it. The rules of Clumsy Thief Junior are easy to understand. A mischievous raccoon mixed up the family's food. Players claim cards by stacking food cards that have sums equaling 10. Claimed food can be snatched away by other players, and everyone plays simultaneously, so restless players never become bored. But watch out for that raccoon who can steal your stacks of produce. Only a trap card can stop him!

Clumsy Thief Junior cards are constantly switching hands, which ensures lots of opportunities to exercise good sportsmanship! Awards for Clumsy Thief Junior range from The Parents' Choice Foundation Award to the Tillywig Toy Awards, Academics' Choice Award, and many more.
Manufacturer: Melon Rind
Manufacturer's Age Recommendation: 5+
Number of Players: 2-4
Faith-based: No
Clumsy Thief Junior Review by Laura Noelle

review by Laura Noelle

”Learning to add numbers is a huge step in early education, and counting on fingers can become a habit. The good news is that games can help kids grasp mental math skills in a fun way!”

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Clumsy Thief Junior Review by Mombrite

review by Mombrite

”It’s a clever game that will get your kids to learn math addition facts while having a great time playing with family and friends.”

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Clumsy Thief Junior Review by Mommy Octopus

review by Mommy Octopus

”Stop what you are doing and order this game right now if you have younger kids. We have had so much fun tonight with this card game! Clumsy Thief Junior was easy to learn and quick to play.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Learning through play!

We LOVE this game. My son wants to play it ALL the time!!

April H.
Are You Smarter Than a 5 Year Old?

So fun! We like to play at/after dinner time! First time he beat the snot out of me. We laughed and laughed! Such a fun, fun game. Doesn't even realize he's learning!

Ellie P.
Fun Little Game

Super fun little game that gets lots of giggles from a kid who doesn't realize she's doing math so well!

Autumn A.
Fun math!!

Clumsy thief is such a fun game! My 7 year old loves playing and helping her younger sister! It’s fun, fast and entertaining!

Love This!!

This is a favorite game in our home. We have incorporated Gameschooling in our homeschool curriculum and after reading a lot of suggestions at this game we decided to buy it and try. Have not been disappointed. It is great at practicing things such as turn taking, strategy, good sportsmanship and verbal communication. We would highly recommend.

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