Critical And Creative 2

Critical And Creative 2

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Timberdoodle's Review
Critical & Creative Thinking Activities, Grade 2 - By Evan-Moor
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The relationship between critical and creative thought can be misunderstood. But in fact, profound thinking requires both imagination and intellectual ideas. To produce excellence in thinking we need to engage our children in a curriculum that overlaps the logical and the imaginative sides of thinking.

Forty-six Units
Critical & Creative Thinking Activities' forty-six theme-based units will give your child lots of practice thinking in a variety of ways. From brainteasers and logic puzzles to mazes, Venn diagrams, and secret codes, Critical & Creative Thinking Activities has a wealth of mind-boggling activities that your child will enjoy.

Logical Thinking, Problem Solving...
Exercises include thinking fluency, originality, generalizing, patterning, and problem solving. Every lesson is based on grade-appropriate themes and is correlated to state standards. Published by a secular company, Critical & Creative Thinking Activities may include a unit or two that might not be appropriate for all families. Imagination and reason function best in tandem, and Critical & Creative Thinking Activities delivers just that.

Forty-six lessons complement language arts, science, and social studies curricula.

Publisher's Information
Author: Rachel Lynette
Pages: 142
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 2009
ISBN: 9781596732933
Publisher: Evan-Moor
Made In: USA
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: For Single Classroom Use Only
Faith-Based: No

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
We loved this book

This was my daughter's favorite book in the curriculum kit. I read reviews that some people thought it focused too much on traditional school. There was some of that, but there wasn't much and it made it fun for my daughter to kind of imagine what traditional school might be like.

Critical & Creative 2

This is one of my daughter's favorite books to do. It does have some school related topics, but she likes those too. She likes to pretend that she is in a school house when she is answering them.

Critical & Creative 2

This book was awesome. It was so fun! I liked the part about animals the best. I finished this book before Christmas break. I didn't really like the math. (But, she still did all of it without any complaints ;-) ~Bella's mom)

Makes Thinking Fun

Like what has already been stated, this workbook is designed for a classroom setting and some of the activities are can't be done because of this. However, there were still plenty more to do. I liked the fact that it wasn't just abstract skills, but almost each time they incorporated practical, everyday thinking skills that kids are using now. It was nice to have them doing activities that applied to NOW rather than "someday you'll need this". There were some sheets that I thought were quite challenging and my child was not able to do the work as independently as I had hoped he could do. So while it was nice, since it's not required and took more time than I could spare, I won't be using it again this year. Although, I might throw in a left-over sheet here and there just for filler when I need it, but not as a set curriculum. This would make a good summer material to help students stay fresh.

Busy work

Critical & Creative is filled with fun thinking activites. They are.pretty easy. My daughter likes the activities. However, I feel like many are designed around public school, not homeschool. We mostly used these as extra work. With 6 children, sometimes they need something productive to keep them busy while Mom is working with other kids.

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