(damaged) All About Reading Level 1 Materials, Old Version

(damaged) All About Reading Level 1 Materials, Old Version

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Grades: Kindergarten

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Please note: This is the Materials set only. This is not the full Deluxe Set nor App-Dependent Set. You must have the Letter Tiles or App & Review Box + Divider Cards to use this set. Also, this is not the full-color set, but the set with finely-detailed black-and-white drawings.

Level 1:
All About Reading Level 1 will gently take your child from not knowing how to read, to skillfully reading the included fun chapter books. Using dozens of activities and games, plus 52 integrated and fully decodable phonics-based stories, All About Reading Level 1 takes the guesswork out of beginning to read. Children will learn letter sounds for A-Z, plus some consonant teams such as TH, NG, and more. Stories start very simple, “Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap the jam,” with illustrations providing explanation and humor. They systematically build to more complex words and plots, “‘Gumpdrops? Pop? The list had buns and milk,’ said Mom in shock. ‘I lost the list, but I got lots of stuff,’ said Finn.”

All About Reading
All About Reading (AAR) is the multisensory, mastery-based program that you’ve been hearing so much about. Suitable for all ages, and with activities that benefit all learning styles, AAR teaches phonics, decoding, fluency, and comprehension in a fun and engaging way. Moving at a gentler pace than other more intense reading programs, with AAR only one new concept is taught at a time. Their precept-upon-precept program works with all kids and AAR’s built-in review system helps learning to stick. The progressive introduction of letters introduces vowels with consonants in a way that will allow your child to begin reading almost immediately. We particularly like how AAR integrates phonics instruction and phonics readers into a single comprehensive program, so they correlate directly with each other. 

And you will be thrilled to know that no prior training is needed; AAR has lightly-scripted and illustrated “open and go” lessons that make your job easy and stress-free. Lessons are taught in short, manageable chunks, as the author recommends students spend no more than 20 minutes a day learning to read, plus another 20 listening to a read-aloud. Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach, 97% of English words can be learned according to phonetic rules, leaving only 3% to be learned as sight words. The student activity books add a lot of variety to the lessons and provide additional support. The phonetic readers are the best we have ever seen – beautifully illustrated hardcover books with finely detailed black-and-white drawings. The complete AAR program consists of five levels from PreK through third grade.

About Our Level 1 Deluxe (with Tiles) Set:
The All About Reading Level 1 Deluxe kit is our recommended set. It is the All About Reading system containing all the components required for teaching Level 1 with letter tiles and magnets added, as well as a sturdy reading tote bag. These physical letter tiles and magnets can take the place of the Letter Tiles app that we recommend for users of our app-dependent kit. For families who prefer a less technological, more tactile approach, the AAR Level 1 with Tiles Set may be the perfect choice. Find more information and comparisons below.
The All About Reading Level 1 Deluxe includes the Level 1 Teacher's Manual, Student Packet with Activity Book, three readers, the Reader Divider Cards, and the Reading Review Box, plus Letter Tiles, Magnets, Tote Bag, and the supplementary Phonograms Sounds App. You may also want to add a magnetic whiteboard, which is recommended but not required.

About Our Level 1 App-Dependent Set:
The All About Reading Level 1 App-Dependent Set contains all the essential books and review box required for teaching Level 1, but no Letter Tiles. Instead, your family will purchase the Letter Tiles app, available for tablets on various app stores. The Letter Tiles app is an innovative, phenomenally effective, and incredibly convenient way to implement hands-on learning and practice with All About Reading. Find more information and comparisons below.
The Level 1 App-Dependent Set includes the Level 1 Teacher's Manual, Student Packet with Activity Book, three readers, the Reader Divider Cards, and the Reading Review Box. You’ll also need to add the Letter Tiles app, available on iTunes, Google Play, and the Kindle app store.

Already own the Letter Tiles or App, Reading Divider Cards, and Reading Review Box?
You can get the Student and Teacher Materials Only option, which includes:
(Requires Letter Tiles or App & Review Box + Divider Cards):
  • Student Packet (activity book, flashcards, and stickers) - Download an activity book sample PDF here
  • Teacher's Manual
  • 3 Readers
  • Please note: You do need the Letter Tiles app or the physical Letter Tiles, the Reading Divider Cards, and the Reading Review Box in order to be able to use this set. If you do not have these items, please purchase the Deluxe or App-Dependent Set.

    Level 1 Placement and Skills
    Not sure if this is the right level for your student? Download the placement test.

    What will my student learn in Level 1?
    Your student will learn exciting new concepts, including letter sounds, phonograms, consonant teams, blending, syllables, sight words, consonant blends, plurals, compound words, and much more. Every component of reading is taught: decoding (phonics and structural analysis), vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Below is a sampling in each area.

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Learn techniques for syllable counting, isolate sounds in three- and four-letter words, and practice phonemic substitution.

  • Decoding (Phonics)
  • Learn phonograms A-Z, plus TH, SH, CH, CK, NG, NK; to read short vowel words, such as pup and quack; read words ending in FF, LL, and SS such as hill; and read words with initial and final blends such as flag and lost.

  • Decoding (Structural Analysis)
  • Read plural words with suffix s or es, such as pigs and lunches, and compound words such as windmill.

  • Vocabulary
  • Discuss new words in the context of the story and one’s own life, and connect new words to familiar words.

  • Fluency
  • Read with accuracy, meaningful expression, and natural phrasing.

  • Comprehension
  • Connect text to one's own experiences, understand dialogue, give and discuss opinions, and set a purpose for reading.

    All About Reading Level 1 Scope and Sequence.

    Publisher: All About Learning Press
    Faith-Based: No


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