Developing the Early Learner

Developing the Early Learner

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Timberdoodle's Review
Children Need to Learn How to Think
In the last couple of years, our family has had the privilege of hosting a wide variety of children, for a wide variety of reasons. In every case, regardless of whether the child was intellectually gifted or at some point on the autism spectrum, we could see a need for that child to learn how to think.

Tackle Essential Perception Skills
Somehow parents have received the mistaken notion that if their children are proficient in the "three 'R's" they were successful, but that is woefully untrue. Children need to be taught how to think and how to reason; the sooner the better, as 75% of a child's IQ will be developed before seven years of age. Likewise, many thinking skills programs emphasize a couple of the essential perception skills, but until now, none had systematically tackled them all.

Visual, Auditory, Motor, & Comprehension Skills
Developing the Early Learner fleshes out all four fundamental perception skills -- visual, auditory, motor, and comprehension -- via a gently progressive sequence of enjoyable activities. This proven system boosts these important skill areas through 245 exercises in four straightforward workbooks. Very easy to use, this series of workbooks helps you discover your children's learning weaknesses while there is plenty of time to make improvements. Includes an exclusive Timberdoodle Parent Guide with answers.

Designed to Hold a Child's Attention
Each book contains a diagnostic progress chart so you can track progress. Although there is a page or two that contains either a gun or a ghost, overall the artwork is charming and the activities are presented in a way that holds a young child's attention. Arizona State University tested this series of workbooks and found that 95% of children who took the program significantly increased in their learning abilities. If your child is able to manipulate a crayon, he is old enough for Developing the Early Learner.


Publisher Information
Author: Simone Bibeau
Binding: Paperback
Copyright: 1982
Consumable: Yes
Printed By: Perception Publications
  • Volume 1: 9780940406018
  • Volume 2: 9780940406025
  • Volume 3: 9780940406032
  • Volume 4: 9780940406049
Faith-Based: No

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Illustrations need updating

My little boy seems to enjoy the books, but the illustrations need a refreshing update. Some of the pictures would go over the heads of younger ones today. The 'what comes first' gave me a laugh. Which came first the steak or the cow? My little boy wasn't ready for that one. He enjoys the same sound or different lesson.

Good All Around

I have used this set for four of our homeschooled children so far. They all loved it. It is fine motor skills, gross motor skills, penmanship, memory, coloring, recognition, and more. It is a great introduction to all things they will build on, but also a great way to find out exactly where your young learner is so you can efficiently help them to improve areas they need help in.

For the most part great

My only issue with this is a select type of activity included in the book. It’s the memorization one. It makes you list a bunch of things for the kids to remember and they have to draw it exactly as told by memory and it’s so hard. Just reading the instructions I have to read over and over to remember. How can you expect that of a child. And it’s so time consuming. Everything else in the book is great, just the the memory section needs some help it’s, more frustrating then anything.

My son is enjoying these!

These are fun for my 5yo. He enjoys them and doesn’t ever feel like they’re just ‘book work for the sake of book work’.

Love love love

Not only are my kids learning to strengthen skills but I am learning how to help them learn! I’m seeing where their strengths are and where they need help. We LOVE this series!

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