Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 12 Student Workbook

Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 12 Student Workbook

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Timberdoodle's Review
Easy Grammar Ultimate
Most children dread grammar study because it is too complex. But Easy Grammar is just that, easy.

What sets Easy Grammar apart from other grammar programs is the key role prepositions play. Once your child can identify and eliminate the prepositional phrases in a sentence, determining the subject, verb, and other parts of speech is much easier. If you lack an adequate grammar background and find even the preceding sentence to be intimidating, relax. The hardest part will be memorizing the prepositions. After that, everything falls into place.

Essential Concepts in Just 10-15 Minutes a Day
The new Easy Grammar Ultimate series is designed specifically to introduce and teach essential grammar concepts to older students, regardless of their previous grammar background. In just ten to fifteen minutes a day, your child will be functioning at his grade level and be competent to undertake any state or college prep tests. As a bonus, as your child practices his grammar skills, he will also be learning age-appropriate history, science, literature, geography, and so much more.

This series contains 180 daily teaching lessons. Each lesson is divided into five parts:
#1 Capitalization
#2 Punctuation
#3 and #4 Grammar and Other Concepts
#5 Sentence Combining (with an emphasis on expository [informational] writing)

Though it is not required, most customers complete the Easy Grammar Plus before they begin the Easy Grammar Ultimate series.

Please Note: Teacher's Manual is recommended!

View Sample Pages: Day 74, Day 127, Day 158, Day 176

Publisher's Information
Author: Wanda C. Phillips
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Easy Grammar Systems
Printed In: USA
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: No

Customer Reviews

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Great Product!

This is a great PAINLESS product that keeps your older student up to speed in grammar. Heads up to parents... I have found we prefer to purchase ONLY the teacher's edition as it is JUST THE SAME as the student edition but the brief answer key is ALL in the back of the book. As long as your student is not tempted to look in the back for answers I have found this edition to work well. As a parent, I prefer the ease of answers in the back of the book if I need to check one and my students are not distracted by them. It also keeps me from having to order a workbook AND a teachers manual. Good deal!!

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