Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro

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Timberdoodle's Review
Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro
Just like its little brother Extraordinaires Design Studio, the core of the Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro is to develop new product ideas for a set of characters dubbed the Extraordinaires. However, this advanced version offers more complex challenges that allows those in design-biased careers - inventor, maker, architect, engineer - to progress and build their skillsets.

With Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro your teen chooses a design project from a range of areas including inventions, gadgets, buildings, clothing, and vehicles for his Extraordinaire. Think cards provide valuable well-considered prompts for exploring his challenge in more depth and will encourage your teen to consider who this Extraordinaire is, how his life or career gives him specific needs and requirements, and how the end product can genuinely serve the individual. Some of the core aspects of design: know your client, receive your task, research and refine your idea, can be learned and Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro does just that.

In many ways the Design Studio Pro is simply an expanded version of Design Studio, and if used in that manner, even a younger student would have a blast with it. However, Design Studio Pro also includes additional cards and a wonderful design guide. It is the latter that is our biggest reason for suggesting this set for older teens only. While excellent, it is also much more abstract and teaches design process in such a way that a younger student is just plain going to find it intimidating and overwhelming. Of course, you could always set aside those components for your student to grow into, or plan to work through the small book with him, but we suggest not asking him to conquer that on his own.

Note: Many of the characters of Extraordinaires Design Studio are also in Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro, plus an additional 9 Extraordinaires and, as before, some of the Illustrations and characters feel too dark for our tastes. But with 24 to pick from and with 720 possible design challenges, you could easily lose a few and still have more than enough assignments for your teen.

Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro includes 24 Extraordinaires, 30 design projects, 50 Think! cards, 5 award cards, a drawing pad, 2 pens, and a 120-page design manual.

Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2017 Eleventh-Grade Curriculum Kit! and Timberdoodle's Secular 2017 Eleventh-Grade Curriculum Kit!

  • 24 Extraordinaires
  • 30 design projects
  • 50 Think! cards
  • 5 award cards
  • a drawing pad
  • 2 pens
  • 120-page design manual

  • Manufacturer: The Creativity Hub
    Age Recommendation: 16+
    Faith-Based: No


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