Extreme Dot to Dot: Rainforests

Extreme Dot to Dot: Rainforests

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Ages: 8+

Grades: 3rd+

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Timberdoodle's Review
Extreme Dot-to- Dot: Rainforests
Enter the lush world of the rainforest with Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Rainforest. Dot-to-Dot: Rainforest includes 32 puzzles of amazing creatures and scenes, such as the solitary zebra-striped Okapi, the two-foot-tall Capybara rodent, ancient Mayan ruins, and spectacular tropical plant life. With puzzles ranging from 400 to over 1,400 dots, Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Rainforest also includes a solution key in the back with fascinating details about each animal or scene.

Sample Page

Kick-Start Cognitive Development
Kick-start your child's cognitive development with these amazing Extreme Dot-to-Dot Puzzle books. Reinforcing numbers and number order has never been so much fun!

Not Like Conventional Dot-to-Dots
Unlike conventional Dot-to-Dot puzzles that reveal too much of the picture and ruin the mystery, Extreme Dot-to-Dot Puzzles are intricate, and so challenging that when your child looks at a page, he will have no idea what the end result will be.

Up to 1,400+ Dots
Both your child's left and right brains will be exercised as he works to complete puzzles with 400 to over 1,400 dots. Some puzzles even cover a two-page spread - definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Not Just for Children
And not just for children. Many adults, myself included, find these books both provoking and relaxing, a treat for sluggish minds and weary bodies. 32 puzzles per book.


  • 32 puzzles per book
  • 400 to 1,400 dots per puzzle

    Educational Benefits:
  • Counting
  • Mapping
  • Concentration
  • Challenging & Rewarding

    Manufacturer's Information
    Manufacturer: MindWare
    Printed in: USA

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    Karina A.
    Extreme Dot to Dot: Rainforests

    My daughter asked for this Extreme Dot to Dot for her birthday. Each page has over 500 numbers to connect. My daughter likes it because it provides her with a challenge as she finds all of these numbers and creates a beautiful picture. I recommend it for those with children who like art and have the patience to sit for awhile. It's worth the money, especially because it wasn't very expensive at all. My 9 year old daughter uses it whenever she pleases.