First Books for Little Ones: Love, Kindness, Helping

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Please note: due to temporarily limited quantities First Books for Little Ones: Love, Kindness, Helping is only available for purchase as part of a curriculum kit.

Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit!
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First Books for Little Ones: Love, Kindness, Helping
Research has shown that babies as young as six months old can differentiate between kind, helpful behavior and mean behavior. Moreover, children are looking to us to show them that love, helping, and kindness is important to us. One of the easiest ways to do this is by discussing with our little ones the viewpoint and actions of others through the reading of suitable books.

First Books for Little Ones: Love, Kindness, Helping is a trio of board books with many simple scenes that introduce these core values. With whimsical illustrations and everyday, tangible examples of what these character qualities mean, engaging your babies about these essential traits is a snap. Everyone wants children to grow to be kind, helpful, and loving, First Books for Little ones is an excellent starting point.

Publisher: eeBoo
Binding: Board book
Book size: 5½” x 5½”
Pages (each book): 16
Illustrated By: Monika Forsberg
Faith-Based: No

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First Books for Little Ones

My son struggles with understanding emotion and how to verbally communicate with others. I picked up these books even though my son is 4 years old and not a baby anymore (which these books are designed for). Basically, I am using them as part of our emotional intelligence / character curriculum. I show him a picture and ask him to tell me how they are being helpful, loving, etc. There are no words on the page, so he cannot cheat to draw up the words for his response. Getting him to express orally what is going on in the picture is a challenge for him, but these pictures are easier to understand than some of the others I have seen for his age group. I then make him apply the idea to his life by thinking of if he could do that for people he knows or around the house etc. Once he gets this down, then I will jump into the eeboo character and scenario cards where the images are not as obvious. I am glad that these books were offered because they are working so well to bridge my son to the appropriate age level.

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