For the Love of Discipline

For the Love of Discipline

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Timberdoodle's Review
For the Love of Discipline
When our multigenerational home grew to include five foster children five years old and younger in just a matter of months, we knew that we needed help coordinating the chaos. We wanted our children to begin to view God as He is, but we knew we were not only working against culture and sin in these little guys, but also against sin in our hearts. What a blessing it was to our souls to encounter For the Love of Discipline: When the Gospel Meets Tantrums and Time-Outs.

But the book doesn’t conclude with lofty pie-in-the-sky objectives. The author Sara Wallace, mom of 5 boys, gives us a boatload of down-to-earth tools, from what to do when your child rejects your authority and God’s authority, to how to shepherd the unruly child and not just make him stop screaming. Plus, she includes how to set up a daily schedule and why it is essential; what the difference is between a reward and a bribe; how to handle sibling fights; how to set realistic expectations; and what it looks like to do follow-through. Very practical and helpful, and a quick and easy read, For the Love of Discipline is for parents concerned about Satan’s goal to wreak havoc on their children’s faith. Our children are too young or too foolish to fight for themselves, so we will have to do battle for them. This book will show you how.
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Publisher: P & R Publishing
Author: Sara Wallace
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781629953571
Faith-Based: Yes

Customer Reviews

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For the Love of Discipline

So, I have been very lax about disciplining my 11-year-old daughter and it is staring to become evident. I was very excited to read this book and get some tips, but it really is geared to younger children. I certainly agree with some of the suggestions, but implementing them all at once is not feasible. Many of the suggestions are geared to those with more than one child. This book is also tied to the author's interpretation of biblical principles. This book was not very helpful for me, but I do believe it would be helpful for new parents wanting to set up a plan before there are so many misbehavior problems.

For the Love of Discipline

For a free book, I've greatly enjoyed it. It came at a time when I really needed something of the such t read.

For the Love of Discipline

Great read! Passing it on to a friend now.

For the Love of Discipline

I love reading, and with 8 kids (6 boys) I love discipline ideas, so I was interested in this book that came with our recent order.

But, sadly I am very disturbed with chapter 11 and the whole issue of saying "no" which will just set your kids up to be in an abusive relationship later on. "Our kids need to learn to trust and obey no matter what". While this is a great philosophy and would work in a perfect world, we of course don't live in one and so our kids HAVE to learn to say "no" for their own protection... even to us, the parents. And part of our growth as parents is learning how to accept that, just like God does... he doesn't have the attitude of "obey or else" he loves us and let's us choose. He WANTS us to obey, but He wants us to want to obey too. Not feel like that's our only option. He accepts our "no" and is sad about the resulting consequences that naturally come because of our rebellion, but he allows us to say "no". If we never TRULY have the option of saying "no", then we never have the true option of saying "yes".

Teaching our kids that you never say "no" to certain people in certain situations is telling them not to have boundaries with certain people in certain situations.

That's just not healthy. And in a society with a growing population of narcissists who would LOVE to meet more people with these faulty boundaries... or perhaps they will take on the role of "I'm the one in authority and you should never say no to me" with their future relationships... Really, don't squelch your child's "no". They need that to protect themselves; they need to learn to say it and have it respected even if we as parents don't understand at the time. Sure it's not fun to hear, sure it's inconvenient, and downright angering sometimes... but that's the glorious part of our continued progression, we get to learn to respect our kids "no" and in turn teach them to respect others' "no" which will instill a good amount of empathy in us all.

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