Human Body Cube Book

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Sixth-Grade Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Sixth-Grade Curriculum Kit!
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Human Body Cube
This cleverly jointed cube book unfolds to reveal 12 illustrated "pages" full of images, facts, and figures concerning muscles, bones, and major body systems. Fold the cube in and each side has a different topic, such as the eye or brain, or unfold it to study the full-body skeleton, muscular system, etc.

Lavishly labeled and with occasional facts thrown in, the Human Body Cube is an excellent reference tool for students of anatomy/physiology, biology, premed, or nursing. Small and lightweight, the Human Body Cube is also an engaging addition to your child’s doctor bag.


Customer Reviews

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Plus-Plus Mini 1200pc

The format this information is presented in is so fun that my kids regularly pick it up and play with it/read it.

Plus-Plus Mini 1200pc

This is a good tool. There is a lot of information on this cube. When he needs a quick break then he likes to read the different sides of the cube.

Plus-Plus Mini 1200pc

Very helpful and good visual when explaining different concepts.

Plus-Plus Mini 1200pc

The Human Body Cube "Book" is a great way to put Anatomy and Physiology into the palm of your hand! Literally! There is a wealth of detailed information on each "page". It's fun to turn to a different section of the "book" and study the many labeled parts. Even though the "book" is small the images are very clear and each section covers a different system/topic. Whether it's for "incidental" learning or as a study tool alongside curriculum, the Human Body Cube Book is a valuable tool. So far, our Human Body Cube Book has held up well to being turned and repositioned to view different "pages".

Informative and Durable

We received the cube book for free during a special sale on Timberdoodle a few months ago, and we plan to use this to supplement the anatomy portion of our science curriculum next week.

My son loves this cube. He has had so much fun with it that he thinks it's a toy. The joints are made with a Tyvek-type material so it doesn't look like it will wear out any time soon.

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