Integrated Physics & Chemistry

Integrated Physics & Chemistry

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Ages: 14-17

Grades: 9th-12th

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Timberdoodle's Review
Typically counted as 2 credits for high school students.

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The availability of quality products for home educators has really improved in recent years, particularly those products geared for teens. Integrated Physics & Chemistry is one program that I regret our older children did not have the opportunity to use. It would have been perfect for them because it introduces both physics and chemistry in a way that they would not have found intimidating. This entry-level, applied course gives teens a thorough grounding in basic chemistry and physics. Science concepts are repeated in different ways throughout the sections, and content-rich illustrations, numerous charts, graphs, and data tables assist them in grasping the subject matter. This method is highly engaging and motivates them to learn about the application of physics and chemistry to daily life.

Created to meet the needs of Texas science teachers and students, IPC consists of twelve chapters of text and twelve companion student activity books, for 180 lessons. While deliberately avoiding complex mathematical equations, this self-paced, high-school-level science course introduces students to the people, places, and principles of physics and chemistry. Written by internationally respected scientist/author, John Hudson Tiner, IPC effectively draws teens by using a story approach to teaching these complicated topics.

Carefully selected narratives profile positive role models, real people of noble character, while offering bite-sized, easily-digestible science information. IPC structures every lesson in a sequential order, with companion activity exercises, allowing your child to advance as rapidly as desired or as slowly as needed. Quizzes and tests include questions and problems patterned like those that appear on state academic assessment exams, so actual assessment questions are familiar and less threatening. IPC textbooks are aligned specifically with the state standards of Texas but meet or exceed the standards of most states.

One oddity about this program that you may or may not like is that each chapter includes a life principle, a quote, that the publisher hopes will build high character. While the founder is Baptist, very few of the principles are Biblical, leaving one to wonder why they are even there. They do make for interesting discussions, but we hope that your teens are gathering their life principles from a greater Source than this!


Integrated Physics & Chemistry Chapter 1 Sample
Integrated Physics & Chemistry Activity Sample
Integrated Physics & Chemistry Scope and Sequence

This course is designed for two high-school transcript credits and includes:
  • Twelve soft-cover 8?/₂" by 11" textbooks
  • Twelve companion student activity books
  • A Teacher's Resource Kit with all the answers, quizzes, and tests both on loose sheets of paper and on a CD-ROM

  • Publisher's Information
    Author: John Hudson Tiner
    Pages: 1,122 (742 in the texts, 380 in the activity books)
    Binding: Softcover, booklet-style
    Copyright: 2005, 2002
    ISBN: 1-59476-091-8
    Publisher: Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum & System
    Made In: USA
    Consumable: Yes
    Typical High School Credits Earned: 2 credits chemistry/physics
    Faith-Based: No

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    My daughter loves science and really enjoyed this

    Teen Boy Likes It!

    My 10th grade son enjoys science. I gave him a choice this year of a more lab heavy class or this one, knowing he enjoys the hands on. Surprisingly he chose this one, a long with paring it with the Chem and Phys 101 DVD's as suggested. (It was surprising because there isn't a lab that he normally really enjoys). We are almost finished with the first semester and how can I tell he enjoys it and he's learning something? I can tell he enjoys something when he willingly brings up things he's reading to share with everyone, which he does often with this curriculum. He never complains about doing science, unlike other subjects, though as stated he already enjoys science. He also enjoys completing the workbooks every 3 weeks as it gives a sense of accomplishment rather than having a huge thick text book to work through. The books are written in a way that engages a 15 year old boy without bogging down in math or technical aspects. I can tell he's learning as he is scoring the 85% or more the first time on the quizzes which avoids taking the end of unit tests as suggested. We do the PAC books Mon-Wed and on Thur watch one of the DVD's which is a nice change up giving this subject a really nice rounded Christian Worldview. I would definitely recommend this curriculum and will be using it with my other two boys.

    Rescued From Earlier Science "Disaster"

    We tried an extremely comprehensive, widely used Science curriculum for my 16 yr. old daughter. Even though she does quite well in school, this "other" program was an absolute disaster, and she ended up hating anything that resembled anything "Science" oriented. Not what this mom wanted to see!!! After reading the reviews, I am SO GLAD we bought this program. It was a little spendy, but totally worth the cost for me. She is enjoying reading this new Science this year, doing the workbook easily. I am often told of interesting facts from this curriculum. (A good thing!) I do agree with Timberdoodle, the "Life Principles" at the end of the chapters are not really needed, but no harm done. Actually this purchase was a real "lifesaver" for me!


    My kids have always enjoyed Tiner's books, so we decided to try this 2 years ago, but we were sadly disappointed. The first two or so chapters were very interesting, but it began to go downhill until at the end, my 10th and 11th grade children complained that it seemed that the author was being rushed to publish.

    It claims to be two credits, but I had a hard time believing that. The handling of the topic was too light especially of the physics. (Physics is a mathematical subject and this gives no math problems.)

    If someone is not headed for college science, then this might be a good overview with historical background. But if you are headed for the college sciences, I would recommend Apologia curriculum. It's written for individual study, is easy to understand, and is very rigorous. (My husband has taught chemistry and physics and wishes he could have used Apologia books.)

    (For the record, I have a bachelors degree in Biology.)

    I probably would have been a ROCKET SCIENTIST

    I know $200.00 is a major "chunk-of-change" for one item and we thought about it for an entire year before we "went out on that limb" and purchased IPC. IT IS AWESOME !! We can't begin to say enough except that we wish we had purchased it 2 children ago !! Our son is loving it and he is not a science fan !!! I (mom) did not like chemistry and physics in high school either; however, if I had IPC way back then, who knows, I probably would have been a ROCKET SCIENTIST and a mom !!