Junior GeoStix

Junior GeoStix

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 PreK Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 PreK Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Junior GeoStix
Before a product wins a Tillywig award it must be easy to use, have a high replay value, be built to last, promote playful interaction, inspire creativity, and encourage new ways of thinking. The unique and versatile construction set Junior GeoStix does all that with its colorful super-bendable, snap-together sticks. What an intriguing way to introduce younger children to early geometry concepts!

The Junior GeoStix set has both straight sticks and curved sticks, but all of them are flexible, and they snap together easily. The included 30 two-sided activity cards will encourage lots of convergent thinking. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Since the 200 flexible plastic sticks connect at lots of different points, your child is bound to think up dozens of creations on his own.

Junior GeoStix includes a pack of 30 double-sided activity cards that extend from simple to complex designs; 200 flexible plastic sticks in 8 colors and 10 different sizes, ranging from about 1 to 6 inches and a convenient plastic storage box. Junior GeoStix encourages visual perception, motor planning, fine motor skills, color and size recognition, and more.

  • 30 double-sided activity cards that extend from simple to complex designs
  • 200 flexible plastic sticks in 8 colors and 10 different sizes, ranging from about 1 to 6 inches
  • convenient plastic storage box

  • Size Range of Pieces: 2.5 cm to 15 cm
    Manufacturer: EDX Education
    Age Recommendation: 3 to 99!
    Faith-Based: No

    Awards and Endorsements:
    Tillywig Toy Awards 2017 Best Creative Fun Award Winner!

    CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Great resource!

    Our kids (3 & 5) love using these once a week to challenge themselves and then I give them free time to create! Great quality and good activity!

    Get it!

    If you don’t have a building toy like this, I highly suggest getting this. I can leave my 3yr old to it for an hour at a time sometimes. He loves creative play with this. But when we try to follow the cards (replicate what it shows), he gets frustrated.
    Maybe if the printing was better on the cards (more clear, better contrasted, and matching to the colors of the actual sticks he might have an easier time). But all around winner for this 3 ur old

    Kendra, That is awesome that at three years old, your child already has the fine-motor skills and patience to create with Junior Geostix! You are right in that the cards are advanced for a typical three-year-old, though, so you may want to set those aside till he is 4 or 5. We typically recommend using the full set when your child is in PreK, which gives him a bit more time to develop critical thinking skills such as counting pieces or places to determine where to attach each piece. --Hope
    I like them more than the kids

    I love these. My kids have mixed feelings. They are very hard for younger kids to snap together. My older kid likes to just play with them, but not follow the cards.
    The biggest frustration is that the box they come in doesn’t have any organization. When trying to copy a card, most of the time is spent trying to find the pieces needed. For free play, it isn’t as important.

    Creativity flows

    Oh how my boys love these! They are just dazzled by them and it is so fun to see what they create. Some potential drawbacks - it can be hard for the tiniest fingers to snap together so preschoolers may have some difficulty (pre-k should be fine though). Also the pieces move even when connected which can be a positive thing if trying to make something with motion like scissors, or a negative if trying to make specific shapes like a diamond or star. My pre-K found the cards frustrating for that reason. Example, trying to make a star but when one piece moves all the others shift angles - keeping ten pieces at the correct angle became overwhelming for him until he was a little older. These are great to pack on a trip because they are so light weight and provide lots of open ended play. I also like that most of the pieces are long enough that I'm not worried about the baby choking (I just pull out the shortest ones when he is on the ground with them) so in this way they are more family friendly than Legos or other more intricate toys.


    My daughter loves to play with these. She has more fun building her own design than following the cards and could sit for hours being creative and playing with her designs.

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