Kumon Thinking Skills

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Timberdoodle's Review

Spatial Reasoning
Pre-K Spatial Reasoning develops skills such as spatial judgment and visualization of objects from multiple perspectives using colorful mazes, puzzles, navigation, and measurement activities. 80 pages.

Pre-K Logic gives your child a super-fun way to develop logical thinking skills through activities such as making comparisons, completing patterns, determining real versus pretend, and drawing conclusions. 80 pages.

Pre-K Differentiation strengthens critical thinking through simple matching, completing the picture, matching mirror images, and discerning the item that does not belong in the group. Pre-K Differentiation’s step-by-step teaching method ensures your child will learn each concept with minimal frustration. 80 pages.

Help your child to develop his creativity without frustration using Pre-K Creativity. Using a gradual, step-by-step approach, Pre-K Creativity gives more and more opportunities for unstructured creativity as your child progresses. Pre-K Creativity focuses on tracing, completing pictures, altering scenes, and drawing. 80 pages.

Note: Some families may prefer to skip the occasional page throughout this series, such as the jack-o'-lantern page in the Creativity book. However, such pages are few and far between, and should not keep families away from this otherwise excellent course.


Publisher: Kumon Publishing
Faith-Based: No


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