Lion in My Way

Lion in My Way

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Timberdoodle's Review

Lion in My Way
Storytelling is the most effortless way to expand your young child’s vocabulary, comprehension, listening skills, and memory. Lion in My Way does that and more by also developing your child’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

To begin, select a large path card depicting an obstruction. Then, each player considers how one of the randomly drawn tool cards he has could help him navigate the obstacle and safely arrive home. Will he use a pogo stick to jump over the lion, a rope to scale a wall, or bubbles to distract a troll?

Lion in My Way is optimal as a cooperative game, so children just beginning to tell stories and skilled wordsmiths alike can play without the pressure of competition. As parents, don’t hesitate to use the Lion in My Way stories you tell to reiterate family values, as well as to introduce unfamiliar vocabulary, situations, places, and characters. If you have a tenderhearted child, some obstacles (barbed wire or troll) or tool cards (fireworks) may need to be set aside for a season.

With 25 path cards and 100 tool cards, Lion in My Way is a game that will give your family hours of creative fun. Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2018. For 2-5 players.

From the Manufacturer:
ROAR! How would you get past a lion? Would you float over him with a balloon or offer him a cookie? Lion in My Way is a journey along a path of hazards and barriers which are overcome by the collective cleverness of the players. Armed with the unlikely tools they are dealt, imagination and some silliness, players cooperate creatively to innovate solutions that let them get home together.


Publisher: eeBoo
Publisher's Minimum Recommended Age: 3+
Box Size: 9 ½" x 1 ½" x 9 ½"
Players: 2-5
Faith-Based: No

Awards and Endorsements:
2018 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award Platinum!
Lion in My Way Review by Laura Noelle

review by Laura Noelle

”I feel this game does an excellent job in touching on real, practical things in life, while also incorporating silly and imaginative situations for a lighthearted twist.”

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Customer Reviews

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Elysa E.

I didn't expect to have so many possible scenarios! A pleasant surprise and a giggle fest for the family :)

Joellen B.
What a kick!

I opened this game and was presented with a quality product. Nicely packaged and sturdy. Then the fun began. I actually played this the first time with my adult son just to see how it worked. We got silly and had a great time. I actually vacuumed up the wind. What a fun kick of a problem solving game!

Ashley K.
Very silly

My preschooler loves that she can be silly with her answer and there isn’t just one right answer

Not too engaging

This game sounded really fun when I was building our Pre-K kit, but my 4 year old daughter does not really enjoy it. We played once and she chooses other strategy games over this one (Camelot Jr. & The 3 Little Pigs). It really just consists of cards so that might be why she doesn't have a desire to play. This might be better for visual learners. My kiddo is more into manipulating objects.

Silly fun

For my four year old, this was silly fun. Lots of laughing as we made up ways to use our items. You can use the big path cards to talk about and teach different environments and challenges they can present, and the tool cards to learn new objects and how they work. The more my son played, the more he could come up with more plausible ways to use his tools to get home.