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Timberdoodle's Review
Retain Vocabulary Words
Because we remember faces easier than we do names, it follows that learning vocabulary with colorful illustrations to help with recall is a more effective plan than merely studying lists of words and their definitions. Marie's Words features a full-color, hand-drawn illustration on one side to show the word in a way that helps your child recall the meaning more easily.

550 Vocabulary Words Gleaned From the SAT
Just as a logo is a visual representation of a company, Marie's Words utilizes colorful illustrations to create a "face" for each of the 550 vocabulary words gleaned from the SAT® test and literature. While some of the illustrations are not immediately apparent, once understood, each drawing will aid in mastering the definitions of these words and is a natural augmentation to your child's study of word roots. On the reverse of each Marie's Words card is the phonetic pronunciation, definition and part of speech, the word used in a sentence, synonyms, and antonyms.

Richer, More Precise Vocabulary
Alphabetized, numbered, and with a hole punched in a corner, Marie's Words presents difficult vocabulary in a visual and meaningful way for children of all ages. Instructions can be found here. If you want your children to employ a richer, more precise vocabulary in everyday speech and in their writing, and if you want them to have a better understanding of literary classics, start playing Marie's Words today.

Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2017 Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit! and Timberdoodle's Secular 2017 Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit!
  • Vivid, fun and original illustrations
  • Precise definitions and pronunciations
  • Easy to replace synonyms and antonyms
  • Meaningful sentences structured similarly to those used on the SAT
  • Numbered 1 to 550 to aid alphabetizing
  • Carry-ring ready for road trip
  • Endorsed by teachers for ages 5-years and older

    Publisher: Marie's Words
    Faith-Based: No

    Reviews from Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team:

    New Teen Party Game–(SAT Practice in Disguise)
    "...We love the way the words are displayed to help you figure out what the meaning is. How the picture sears into your memory to help understand the word and to give a visual cue as well. And – how addicting it is. In no time at all, the boys were laughing, reasoning, questioning, deliberating, solving, playing, enjoying, & willingly participating..."
    Review by Angie of Petra School Blog

    Review of Marie’s Words
    "...If you are trying to expand your child’s knowledge of words this would be an easy painless way to do so! With 550 cards it will take your family a while to get through all of them. You’ll be word-smith’s in no time!..."
    Review by Caroline of The Modest Mom blog

    Marie's Words ~ Timberdoodle Review
    "...At our house, we started a "Word of the Day" chart and each day I would randomly pull one card from the Marie's Words box. At breakfast, we would go over the card and discuss it as a family then we challenge ourselves to see how many times a day we could use the word in a correct sentence...I have to admit, it was neat to watch them learn words just from using it all day and how quickly they could recall the word and its definition even days later..."
    Review by Gretta of The Johns Family

    Product Review: Marie’s Words – a game from Timberdoodle
    "...My Bottom Line: Marie’s Words is a fun game that made us laugh, giggle, snort, and learn. Did I mention we learned? I learned how to spell linch pin. The correct way. Everyone else learned the actual meanings of the words we played. Definitely recommend..."
    Review by Amy of Bow of Bronze

    Marie's Words from Timberdoodle
    "...The box says 'This learning tool delivers an easier way to learn and retain word meanings, attain success on exams and improve diction for both writing and speaking.' But we say, 'This is family fun in a box!' Consisting of 550 picture cards, Marie's Words will help your child 'decode' and remember words used in literature and standardized tests..."
    Review by Lisa of Homeschool Circus

    SAT prep…in Elementary School!
    "...Every couple days we explore 2 or 3 new cards. We talk about what they are seeing in the picture and what the word could possibly mean by what they see. Amazingly they can get pretty accurate with their elementary vocabulary. We’ll probably be doing this for years! What a great value! As the years progress and they become more and more familiar with the definitions, we’ll be able to expand their knowledge by learning the synonyms and antonyms of the words and by playing the suggested games..."
    Review by Mrs. Taffy of My Life on a Taffy Pull

    Review: Marie's Words (picture vocabulary cards)
    "...What I like:
    Portability - the cards come with a pre-punched hole, so I can easily add and subtract them from my own ring.
    Time - quick, easy, can do it anywhere.
    Illustrations - the pictures make even difficult words accessible to many ages and abilities.
    Bang for the Buck - at 550 words, it's going to take us more than a year to get through the box. And ten cards a week is nothing to sniff at.
    Another Tool - while I wouldn't want to limit vocabulary learning to cards, this is certainly one tool to add to the toolbox.
    Things That Made Me Pause:
    Some Illustrations - while we have not gotten through the entire box, I have run across a few cards in which I had a hard time connecting the illustration to the vocabulary word. This has been less an issue for my son than it has for me.
    Perhaps I'm old and set in my vocabularific ways.
    A Few Words - sometimes the word on the illustration is altered for the purpose of making it easier to remember and understand. For example, the card for "abhor" includes a small letter "c" and "e" on the word on the illustrated side of the card: ab c hor e
    The sentence on the back reads, "Josh abhors his chores so much that he taught his dog to do them."
    That makes me a tad nervous. I'm afraid that a few kids could decide that the word is actually "abchore." Hopefully, I'm wrong. Irregardless, this only affects a handful of the cards in the box.
    In summary:
    I have an affinity for the cards. And will use them with my children. While I think that the best way to enrich vocabulary is to read widely and often, I did that as a teen and didn't ace the SAT. This is another tool to add to the learning toolbox..."
    Review by Cindy of love2learn2day

    "...Marie’s Words is a fun, visual way to expand your vocabulary and prepare for standardized testing. The 550 colorful, sturdy cards have all of the information you need to suppliment your language art homeschool curriculum or use as a stand alone study tool. One of my favorite features of these cards is the already punched hole in the corner of the cards, so you can put them on an o-ring for learning on the go...The format makes remembering definitions easier. The interesting pictures help cement the definitions into your memory. I appreciated the pronunciation key as I don’t always know how to pronounce a word...Overall, I feel these cards are a fun way to incorporate vocabulary into your homeschool or just daily life..."
    Review by Heather of Marine Corps Nomads

    "...I love that so much is on the back of each card. The student is not just given a word and definition, they are shown how to use it in a sentence. They are given words that could replace it in a sentence, offering the intrepid linguist a starting place for creating more cards once they master the 550 Marie’s Words cards...Marie’s Words are an easy, measurable way to add vocabulary studies to the day...As a child is ready to tackle more advanced literature independently or if they enjoy playing with and exploring the English language Marie’s Words becomes a fun and effective tool to develop vocabulary skills..."
    Review by Tristan of Our Busy Homeschool

    "...Marie’s Words will definitely be joining our other well used card games on the shelf! We’ve really enjoyed it...What a fun way to enhance your vocabulary! The pictures are colorful and clever…they really help you visually connect the words with their meanings! There’s a huge variety of words included. I have to admit, I was impressed by some of the words my 11 year old correctly defined! And in the short time we’ve been playing it, I can see that the words the kids have gotten incorrect have really stuck with them. This game has definitely been a hit for us!..."
    Review by Kara of Home with Purpose

    "...I have been so impressed with this “little box” of cards. I have loved how easy it was to use and how well it teaches the words. Marie’s Words is absolutely worth the [cost] from Timberdoodle. As a bonus I found a little slip of paper in the box that says, “Picture Words-in a Flash! Marie’s Words is also available in app stores for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.” How cool is that? In this technological age this app would be priceless for our kids to have with them wherever they go..."
    Review by Renita of Homedaze

    "...I was so extremely impressed when I realized Marie’s Words was created by a high school junior preparing for the SAT. I guess that explains why my 2 high schoolers enjoy playing it so much. My 7 year old even pops in and out of the room wanting to draw a card and guess, too. Marie’s Words is a FUN and engaging resource..."
    Review by Jill of BLESSED Beyond a Doubt

    MARIE’S WORDS {A REVIEW} "...This new approach to learning uses three different mnemonic methods: Word-in-a-Word, pictoral, and compare/contrast...Our family has incorporated these wonderful flash cards into our every day learning..."
    Review by Carlie of So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler?

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