Non-Religious 2019 Eighth-Grade Curriculum Kit

Non-Religious 2019 Eighth-Grade Curriculum Kit

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Do you need a custom Non-Religious Eighth-Grade Curriculum?
This year you will love helping your child continue building his language, math, and thinking skills. He will study astronomy and geology, American history, and aviation. With creative art, approachable Shakespeare, and more hands-on materials that develop logic and spatial reasoning, this year will be a year packed with happy memories for both of you!

We asked parents who used our Eighth-Grade Kit how long their student spent on "school." Families estimated that they spent 3-5 hours a day for 4-5 days a week on items in their Timberdoodle Kit. That variation is likely to be impacted by how in-depth you take your child's studies, what your child's learning approach is, how distractible he is, and much more. You’ll be able to plan yours to work best for you with your access to the online Timberdoodle Scheduler, included with your kit. Make sure you allow yourself and your child some time to find your own rhythm!
What's in the kit?
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2019 Non-Religious 8th Grade Handbook + Scheduler

We wanted our curriculum handbook to be extremely simple, easy to use, and promote independent study as early as possible. Our guides are designed to get you up and running - today - without being overwhelming, boring, or confusing.

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Language Arts

Mosdos Press Literature - Gold - 8th Grade

Gold, the textbook for eighth grade, offers increasingly complex literature and a curriculum that prepares your student for high school. The lessons emphasize discussion and hone in on cultivating critical reasoning skills.

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Creative Writing Book

The central purpose of creative writing, the opportunity for your teen to develop creative problem-solving skills within a story, is addressed with The Usborne Creative Writing Book. Here teens will learn to write while exploring personal narratives, reviews, fiction, poetry, and more.

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Graphic Shakespeare

Graphic Shakespeare is the easier, sanitized way to expose your child to Shakespeare. Full-color artwork brings the scenes to life while speech bubbles present key excerpts from Shakespeare's original dialogue.

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Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 8 Teacher's Guide

Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 8 Teacher's Guide doubles as a student book for independent study. The teachers book is reproducible for multiple students and makes teaching grammar easy.

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Word Roots Level 2

Children with a solid grasp of word roots will have better reading comprehension skills, because they have the ability to decode words. Word Roots teaches the meanings of Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes of words commonly used in English.

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Did you know that we offer free kit customization?
Since each math curriculum approaches new concepts at a different pace if you're switching to Math-U-See this year we highly recommend that you take advantage of the readiness assessments here to make sure you start with the level your child needs.

Math-U-See Readiness Assessments

Math-U-See Algebra 1

If you are looking for a manipulative-based curriculum that ensures your children will be able to fully understand each mathematical concept before moving on to another one, you have found it in Math-u-See.

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Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Spectacular Places

Addictive, complex, and amazingly clever, Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Spectacular Places is part history, part human ingenuity, and solidly ingenious.

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Thinking Skills

Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural

These thinking skills books are among our favorites because of their tremendous scope. They develop four basic analytical skills (similarities/differences, sequences, classification, and analogies) through both figural and verbal problems.

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Asteroid Escape Smart Game

While there are only 8 sliding puzzle pieces in Asteroid Escape, the progress of the spaceship is seriously limited because of its size and the size of some of the asteroids. One of the harder challenges requires more than 100 moves, so Asteroid Escape is not for the faint of heart.

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People Places and Principles of America 1

People, Places, and Principles of America 1 is a comprehensive, non-religious study of American history from the time before Columbus through the start of the Civil War.

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Focus on Middle School Astronomy & Geology

The Focus On Series is a semester-long unit study series. We?ve chosen Astronomy and Geology for Timberdoodle?s eighth grade curriculum, teaching topics that are not as commonly studied in high school.

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Intro to Aviation Course

Your student’s education can now take flight with Introduction to Aviation, an online aviation course that makes at-home aviation training possible. Upon completion of this course, your child will have an understanding of the aerodynamics of flight, how to read aviation charts, how navigation works, and so much more.

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Mechanics Lab Planes and Helicopters

Assemble the gears, fix the propellers, and get hands-on experience with the mechanical engineering side of aviation using Mechanics Laboratory Aeroplanes and Helicopters. The models have levers, gears and movable parts. Learn about propellers, cogs, pulleys, and universal joints with the 10 different models.

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A Year in My Life

A Year in My Life is a mashup of a creative writing journal and a doodle book with tons of kid appeal. This beautifully illustrated journal invites your child to create a commemorative keepsake from a year in his life. Fill in 365 quirky idea starters and unique prompts, one for every day of the year.

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Learning Tools

Spectrum Test Practice - 8th Grade

Spectrum Test Practice offers students the essential groundwork needed to prepare for standardized tests.

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Mixed By Me - Hypercolor Thinking Putty Kit

Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit - Bounce, Stretch, Tear, Drip, Snap, Even Shatter Thinking Putty.

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Non-Religious 2019 Eighth-Grade Curriculum Kit

We love it! We bought the elite version. The only thing we aren't using are the dot to dots.

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