Non-Religious 2019 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit

Non-Religious 2019 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit

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Please note that our 2019 curriculum kits are still available while supplies last. Our 2020 kits will be launching soon!
Do you need a Custom Non-Religious Kindergarten Curriculum?
This program is designed for the child who is ready to learn to read this year. Of course, most kindergartners are eager hands-on learners too, so we've included the very best hands-on tools available to be sure you both enjoy this year! With creative art, systematic thinking skills, robust STEM construction, and astonishing science experiments, this year will be a year packed with happy memories for both of you!

We asked parents who used our Kindergarten Kit how long their student spent on "school." They estimated that they spent an average of 1-3 hours a day on their kit, on 4-5 days a week. You’ll be able to plan yours to work best for you with your access to the online Timberdoodle Scheduler, included with your kit. Make sure you allow yourself and your child some time to find your own rhythm!

Not sure where to start?
If you're unsure if your 3-year-old is best suited for Preschool or PreK, or whether your 4-year-old is ready for PreK or Kindergarten, you can have your child take our Early Education Placement Test.
What's in the kit?
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2019 Non-Religious Kindergarten Handbook + Scheduler

We wanted our curriculum handbook to be extremely simple, easy to use, and promote independent study as early as possible. Our guides are designed to get you up and running - today - without being overwhelming, boring, or confusing.

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Language Arts

All About Reading Level 1 Full-Color Edition Deluxe Set

All About Reading Level 1 will gently take your child from not knowing how to read, to skillfully reading the included fun chapter books. Using dozens of activities and games, plus 52 fully decodable phonics-based stories, All About Reading Level 1 takes the guesswork out of beginning to read.

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Channie's Easy Peasy Alphabet

Many children quickly learn the mechanics of fashioning letters, but fail at consistent size and spacing of those. Channie's Easy Peasy Alphabet solves that for your beginning writers because it provides visual cues that emphasize uniform size and proper letter spacing.

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Spelling You See - Level A

Spelling You See will help your child become a confident, successful speller, naturally and at his own speed. Each Spelling You See lesson is colorful, short, to the point, and fun!

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What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know

What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know, Read-alouds to get ready for learning, is a beautifully illustrated anthology offering what fellow parents, educators, and developmental psychologists consider the core of knowledge for preschool

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Did you know that we offer free kit customization?
Since each math curriculum approaches new concepts at a different pace if you're switching to Math-U-See this year we highly recommend that you take advantage of the readiness assessments here to make sure you start with the level your child needs.

Math-U-See Readiness Assessments

Math-U-See Primer

If you are looking for a manipulative-based curriculum that ensures your children will be able to fully understand each mathematical concept before moving on to another one, you have found it in Math-u-See.

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If math workbook pages bug your young learner, try teaching the basics of fractions, beginning geometry, and more with Bugzzle.

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Thinking Skills

Developing the Early Learner

Developing the Early Learner teaches thinking skills for the Kindergarten crowd. Homeschooling thinking skills for Kindergarten has never been easier.

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My First Spot the Difference

Packed with fun puzzles, My First Spot the Difference assists your children in building their visual discrimination, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and pre-planning skills.

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Smart Farmer

The animals on the farm have made a mess of things, so the Smart Farmer’s goal is to put away each animal into his own pasture. With 60 different challenges, Smart Farmer teaches spatial insight, planning, concentration, problem-solving, and flexible thinking.

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Kumon Kindergarten Logic

Kindergarten Logic from Kumon develops your child's logical thinking skills through activities such as making comparisons, distinguishing real from pretend, and analyzing patterns.

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Little Red Riding Hood

The object of Little Red Riding Hood is to connect the girl and the house using flower-strewn tiles to create paths.

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I Can Doodle Rhymes

Each I Can Doodle Rhymes spread offers two pages of corresponding activities. In this way reading, handwriting, and spelling skills are reinforced throughout.

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Djeco Bugs

Djeco Bugs is an excellent introduction to this unique craft and includes cute insects. A perfect way for kindergartners to practice patterns, following directions, and attention to detail.

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Djeco Modeling Dough Prints and Shapes

A little bit of geometry, a little bit of art, and a whole lot of fun. Djeco Modeling Dough Prints and Shapes is a spot-on sensory experience for your kindergartner. Note: Contains gluten.

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Aquarellum Mini - Cats

With Aquarellum's exclusive water-resistant technique, paint flows off the wax barriers and adheres only to the design motif areas, making the vivid colors pop.

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Push Pull Empty Full

Introducing children to opposites can be fun! Push, Pull, Empty, Full is a lovely activity book featuring a band of amusing characters and a range of creative things to do. This innovative book with its amusing line art will help your child to recognize word meanings while coloring, doodling, and drawing.

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Skill Sharpeners Geography - Grade K

Skill Sharpeners Geography lets your child explore his world while learning key map skills and geography concepts with little fuss on your part. It takes your child beyond just the basics of geography and includes a smattering of histories and cultures within our world.

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Around the World Mazes

With Around the World Mazes, your child will journey across the world with increasingly difficult mazes. These colorful mazes allow him the opportunity to practice basic pencil control in an enjoyable, exciting way.

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Geopuzzle Complete Boxed Set of 6

Geopuzzles are outstanding geography puzzles for Four to 12-year-olds. Teaches basic geography effortlessly by assembling these sturdy puzzles with country-shaped pieces.

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This Is How We Do It

From the homes they live in and the schools they attend to the games they play, This Is How We Do It will give your child a peek into the traditions that may differ and the patterns that remain the same.

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Boom Fun with Science Kit

Boom – Fun with Science! is a huge collection of 60 child-friendly experiments that will have your child clamoring for “just one more.” For your children who would rather see science in action than read about it, Boom – Fun with Science! can be a joyous exploration of the mysteries and wonders of science.

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Building Blocks of Science - Book K

Building Blocks of Science Book K is a fun way for your kindergartener to be introduced to 5 areas of science - chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and geology - with drawing, activity and coloring pages. Scientific concepts and terminology are presented clearly and in a manner that’s easy for kids to understand.

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Look Inside Your Body

Usborne Look Inside Your Body includes over 100 flaps to lift, teaching your children about their bodies inside and out. Perfect for little fingers and curious minds.

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ThinkPlay Gears + Chains

ThinkPlay STEM Gears is designed to explore the basic physics of movement and rotation, effects of friction, creating power, and how simple machines need and use gears. Now includes ThinkPlay Chains, with 75 chain links and loose-leaf instructions for 14 chain-powered models.

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Emotional Intelligence

What's Going on Here? Flashcards

What’s Going on Here? Flash Cards are an excellent tool for parents who want to teach their children how to make inferences using both obvious and subtle observations, in conjunction with logic.

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Happy Sad Feeling Glad

Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad is a lovely book that explains some of the many emotions your kindergartner may feel, but encourages him to put pencil to paper and help the animals explore their feelings, too. By participating in the animals’ stories, your child’s own emotions are explored in an insightful and sensitive way.

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Learning Tools

Deep Sea Pencil Case

Imported from England, this Floss and Rock Deep Sea Pencil Case is the perfect place to store both your pencils and your sharpener.

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Kum 4-in-1 Pencil Sharpener

The 4-in-1 Pencil Sharpener from KUM is the best pencil sharpener we’ve found. Not only that, the 4-in-1 Sharpener is incredibly versatile and well-designed for a variety of uses.

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Mad Mattr Builder Pack

Mad Mattr Builder Pack Mad Mattr, an amazingly moldable, stretchable, dough-like compound, can be shaped into countless brilliantly colored creations. Now you can take your Mad Mattr to the next level by creating Lego™-like building blocks that actually lock together.

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Write Size Pencils

Made to scale for your younger child, Write Size pencils lessen the strain on his hand and provide better control of the pencil.

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Ferby Triangular Colored Pencils

Chunky and fun, the ergonomically superior Lyra Ferby colored pencils are vibrant, apply smoothly, and blend well.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent Homeschool Option

This is our first year homeschooling and I absolutely LOVE this curriculum. It has made planning and teaching easy! We will buying the 1st grade program next year!

Gave me and my child the confidence we can do this!

This is our first year homeschooling, I had so many emotions starting. I was excited, ready for adventure, a little unsure, nervous it would be too much and I just wouldn’t understand how to start my days off. But I knew homeschooling my daughter was the best and only option were were open to. I did it, I clicked buy. Our curriculum came in a just a few weeks later. My daughter was so excited to start, she counted down the days until were started - as did I, but I was a bit more nervous. I used the chat option that timberdoodle offers a few times. They were kind and so helpful. They helped me with my biggest fear, making our schedule. I am using the generated schedule which gives my daughter usually 11 of the 12 subjects five days a week. We’re a big fan of the developing early learning workbooks. There is little prep to getting all of her subjects ready for the day, my daughter likes to help get her books ready. I love that everything is so hands on and keeps her thinking. At this age they need to be involved in their work, not just handed a worksheet. Her favorite subject is math right now. Math U-See is great. They give lots of practice before moving onto the next subject. We’ve now got our rhythm down and every morning we can’t wait to get started. The Geo puzzle is the only thing I’m not too big of a fan on, it’s a little intense for a 5 year old. We’re just going to save it for a later time. We love our curriculum, it’s hand on all the way keeps your Little was going without becoming bored. I was impressed by the science. Our first day we were working on chemistry, we’re currently in biology. I went to public school and I am confident I was not learning these topics at such an early age. I feel like timberdoodle providing this knowledge so early will peak her interest into science earlier rather than later. If your having any question or doubt, don’t. This is the way to go, and if you ever have questions or need help timberdoodle is there to help.

Non-Religious Kindergarten Curriculum Kit

Love this kit! We started when my son was 4.5 years old. Prep time each week is minimal. There is a large variety of items to keep him engaged, happy and learning. We have added in our own art curriculum (Artistic Pursuits) and will continue that in the future. All of the products are age appropriate. We started using the online scheduler but it didn't have the flexibility I needed, so I created our own excel spreadsheet and it works great for us. This is my first experience homeschooling and this kit really helped me enjoy it.

Non-Religious Kindergarten Curriculum Kit

Fantastic kit! My son loves the learning/fun play activities and is really excelling with this well-rounded curriculum! It is a little pricey, but for me it's well worth it for several reasons.
1. I plan to homeschool long-term. Having someone else provide me with all the tools I need helps me feel more confident, feel less anxious about what to teach my kids, and adds to my support network. It's true that it takes a village. And I could have saved money by getting my own curriculum, but I've heard stories of moms getting burnt out after two or three years of so much work to save money.
2. The curriculum guide has innumerable tips and tricks to help beginner homeschooling families. I was so overwhelmed when I first received everything and I think one of the first lines in the guide is something like: you're probably feeling overwhelmed. Here's why you shouldn't be! And then they give great information that boosted my confidence and let me know that I CAN DO THIS!
3. They provide an online scheduling tool that has been a life saver! My husband and I both want to homeschool our children, so we split the curriculum. He teaches certain areas and I teach others. A couple of courses we manage together. The guide is so flexible and there are instructions on its features in the curriculum guide (that guide really is a blessing!)
4. Timberdoodle staff have been doing this a long time, and it's a program they grew up on. These are some seriously smart people, so I trust them to pick the curriculum I teach my child. Did I mention that I have extensive experience in critical thinking and logic skills? I also own my own accounting practice, so logic is my forte. I question everything and display (mostly healthy) levels of skepticism. So, for me to be singing their praises--guys, they helped bring my dream of homeschooling my children without giving up to fruition and I will forever be grateful. Timberdoodle has a customer as long as I'm homeschooling!

Non-Religious Kindergarten Curriculum Kit

Very rarely do I buy something and when it arrives it exceeds my expectations...this did!! Not only do I love how thorough the curriculum is but how easy they make the step by step, daily, lessons. I was truly concerned and overwhelmed with my homeschooling decision...and the kit truly gave me back that confidence I needed. My son has sat, listened, completed, engaged with each activity. So far complete success and we will be back next year for a new kit!!

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