Non-Religious 2019 Sixth-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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My daughter was previously in virtual school and we switched to homeschool this school year. It's a thorough curriculum, with age appropriate and engaging material. I also like that it includes a lot of art and critical thinking skills. My daughter is enjoying it, too!


Changing to homeschooling this year has been a challenging adjustment, but this program has made the transition easy. The material is detailed and the instructions are easy to follow. Having the schedule maker to lay out the plan for us made everything flow smoothly and guide us in the right directions. The kids love this program. Thank you so much for the services you provide.

Absolutely a win for ease of use!

This is the first year we have purchased an entire grade curriculum, and I wish we had started sooner. There was no guesswork on what was needed and the additional items made the planning of lessons and timeline a breeze. My children love the books and the clarity of direction I am able to provide, with the teacher support items included with the kit. Whether you are a first time homeschooling family, or years in to it - consider the elite curriculum kit. It will add ease to your entire experience.

It’s very nice to have choices!

We ordered the elite kit and there is so much for my 6th grader to do! He has choices for what STEM activity he wants to do for the day, we can choose for different art projects to keep him engaged and the core work (math, spelling and literature) is entraining to him. He read a story from us Mosdos book last week and came to read the funny parts to me. That’s a good thing in my opinion. He also really enjoys the critical thinking book that’s included. My only complaint would be history but that’s only because there’s not any work or workbook to go with it, it’s all just reading. Thankfully, there are ideas of what to do for assignments in the Timberdoodle handbook.

Pleasantly surprised!

Being a first time home school Grannie, I was just amazed at the variety of the subjects and the quality of our Timber doodle packages that we received! Such great quality and so interesting!? We dove right in and are having fun doing all the projects and learning from all the class studies!

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