Non-Religious 2019 Third-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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So far, we love it!

We started homeschooling about 4 weeks ago and are just getting into the groove of each subject that we chose for our 1st and 3rd graders. So far, we have done fun projects, experiments, read lots of stories and poems and both are flying through math, which is their favorite! My 3rd grade daughter didn't care for all the writing in spelling you see at first, but when she actually focuses, she gets it done within minutes! She told me today that she enjoys writing the story and is becoming her new favorite subject! That's a win! Thank you Tumberdoodle for making this new journey exciting and easy!

I really, really wish I had realized this existed last year!

Last year, I just got the kits as they come and ended up with items that we didn't want or didn't use! I felt like I wasted some money, and that's not a great feeling! This year, when I realized I could customize my children's educational tools and products, I felt so much better about continuing with Timberdoodle! I am VERY happy with the customization I did and the products I received for my childrens' next year of education and fun!

Custom Non-Religious Third-Grade Curriculum Kit

We love being able to customize our kits! This kit has been great for us. My son does not respond well to Math U See so the custom kit is perfect. He prefers the mathematical reasoning books, which also costs less. The ability to add and remove is perfect for kids with specific issues. Being that my son is colorblind its so nice to not have to pay for the items he can't use. Most of the kit is perfect for him. He loves the literature program, and spelling u see. This is a great package, and even better when customized.

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