Nonreligious 2020 Eighth-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Love the curriculum kits!

We are new to homeschooling. We only took the leap a month ago (January 2021). Timberdoodle’s curriculum kits have been lifesavers and gave newbies like our family the ability to succeed. The scheduler has been a lifesaver! Purchasing the curriculum kits saved us so much time and anxiety because looking through all the different options out there was incredibly overwhelming.
We love really all the subject sets and thinking games in both the 5th grade and 8th grade non-religious curriculum sets we purchased. The one thing we didn’t realize that since we have been in public school until now, the 7th/8th grade science my daughter was doing in 8th grade, was really the biology part for our district-they did the physical science in 7th. Really it doesn’t matter for us since we will purchase that part (or possibly the next curriculum set to work on over summer). The biggest thing we’ve learned over the last month is that our 3 kids have gaps in almost all areas. For example, we need to go back and revisit certain math and writing skills they should have mastered years ago. In public school they just keep moving on. I’m very grateful to have the tools and guidance from Timberdoodle to be able to fill in these gaps and make sure my kids are getting what they need to succeed and be happy, well-rounded kiddos.


We are very grateful for Timberdoodle, my four sons and I are are very excited to start homeschooling using all the wonderful curriculum! :)

Non-Religious 2019 Eighth-Grade Curriculum Kit

We love it! We bought the elite version. The only thing we aren't using are the dot to dots.

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