Nonreligious 2020 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit Customizer (Overflow)

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Teaching kindergarten has been fun, engaging, and breezy with this kit! This kit and the lesson plans and the online schedule take all the guesswork out of our first-time homeschooling experience (brought on by the need for a change from virtual public school). I only wish I could go back in time and tell my former self I didn’t need a pandemic to give me confidence to homeschool - I just needed this kit and the awesome customer support from Timberdoodle!

Kindergarten Kit

I purchased this kit for my four year old. We are enjoying the items included in the kit, because they allow my child to do hands on learning. I specifically picked Timberdoodle's curriculum because of the interactive hands-on approach. The placement test they provide was also very helpful in selecting the right kit for my child's level.


This handbook is so helpful! Not too in depth but just the right amount of info to give you a vote of confidence for the year! Nice to know what to expect for the different items in the kit. Also love the online scheduler! So glad I found you guys!!

Takes out guess work

As a new homeschool family we were scared we’d mess up and really weren’t sure how or where to start. Once we got our curriculum all fears went away. It’s everything you need and it’s all laid out where anyone can get started and stay on track. The manuals take out all the guess work. In just the first two weeks we could see a significant improvement in our daughters reading and math skills. Would recommend!


I didn't think that I would get very much use out of this handbook, but I use it all the time! There are a ton of extra ideas in this book and great resources!

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