Nonreligious 2021 Preschool Curriculum Kit

Nonreligious 2021 Preschool Curriculum Kit

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Do you need a custom Nonreligious Preschool Curriculum?
This program is designed for the two- or three-year-old who is ready for a more intentional approach to learning with an emphasis on activities and conversations rather than worksheets alone. Of course, most preschoolers are eager to have their own workbooks, too, so we've included the very best ones available to be sure you both enjoy this year! We asked parents who used our Preschool Kit how long they spent using these tools with their child. Nearly all estimated that they spent less than 2 hours a day on "school time," or 2-10 hours a week. You’ll be able to plan yours to work best for you with your access to the online Timberdoodle Scheduler, included with your kit. Make sure you allow yourself and your child some time to find your own rhythm!

Not sure where to start?
If you're unsure if your 3-year-old is best suited for Preschool or PreK, or your 4-year-old is ready for PreK or Kindergarten, you can have your child take our Early Education Placement Test.
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Nonreligious 2021 Preschool Handbook + Scheduler

We wanted our curriculum handbook to be extremely simple, easy to use, and promote independent study as early as possible. Our guides are designed to get you up and running today without being overwhelming, boring, or confusing.

View sample pages here

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Language Arts

Play Smart Alphabet 2+ and 3+ bundle

Play Smart Alphabet helps your child develop preschool readiness skills such as following directions and attending to tasks while learning concrete skills.

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My Big Wimmelbook - Set of 4

Loosely translated as a book of abundance, Wimmelbooks are a one-of-a-kind oversized board book that uses few words, yet provides endless opportunity for curious kids to discover, learn, and increase vocabulary.

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Big Letter Bananagrams

Big Letter Bananagrams are 50% larger and can be used in the same way as their diminutive cousin, as an educational word game requiring no pencil, paper, or bulky board. Also use them to help your preschooler find matching tiles, locate a particular letter, or find a short series of letters.

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Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1 (PreK 3)

Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1 is a highlight for this age. The activities are simple, engaging, and colorful. At this age, math is an interesting puzzle to be solved, and Mathematical Reasoning will not let it become tedious to your child.

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Farmland Math: Town and Farm Edition

The new Farmland Math: Town and Farm Edition is a robust curriculum for introducing little ones to the wonders of math and thinking skills! Farmland Math is 36 weeks of straightforward problems to build your child’s ability to think mathematically.

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Thinking Skills

Building Thinking Skills Beginning

Building Thinking Skills Beginning book is a happy, colorfully illustrated thinking skills book any young child. Teach thinking skills to your preschooler with Building Thinking Skills Beginning book.

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Day and Night

Day and Night Logic Game is a charming game of logic with colors, shapes, and silhouettes. Each challenge is incrementally more difficult than the last and is geared for your child's growing and developing thinking and motor skills.

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Gakken Play Smart Workbooks set of 3

Believing that learning begins at home, Gakken Play Smart Workbooks, through a series of developmentally appropriate steps, steadily improve your tiny child’s ability to reason, make decisions, and concentrate.

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Spatial Rocket

Spatial Rocket will help your preschooler understand how objects and people move in relation to one another. Using a handful of beautiful, sturdy shapes and 20 small cards, your tiny student will develop his ability to decode spatial language such as behind, on top, and underneath.

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Sticker Superstar

With over 500 stickers, preschoolers will love to solve mazes, play matching and counting games and decorate pictures in this activity-packed book. So many stickers and clever activities to create tons of fun—and lots of learning!

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Animal Playground

Designed in France, Animal Playground is a charming and versatile 3-in-1 game for preschoolers. Animal Playground uses oversized squishy dice, brightly colored hollow cardboard blocks, and six soft, vinyl animals. With these, your child can play a memory game, a balancing game, or a race-around-the-course game.

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History & Social Studies

Jumbo Puzzle Map of the World

Introduce your preschooler to what world geography is all about with the Jumbo Puzzle Map of the World. While your young scholar pieces together the 25 oversized and sturdy puzzle pieces, you can begin the conversation about continents, oceans, land and sea creatures, transportation modes, and landmarks.

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Big Book of Things to Spot

While searching the colorful, beautifully illustrated pages, your toddler will learn the names of both animals and objects.

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Primary Science Set

Primary Science Set by Learning Resources is sized just right for smaller, clumsier hands, this award-winning set is the perfect science kit for preschoolers!

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Color Fizzers

Many science experiments are enhanced by the use of colored water. The Color Fizzers 100 Tablets are completely safe, non-staining, and are the easiest way to add striking color to water.

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ThinkPlay Preschool

ThinkPlay Preschool is an international award-winning construction system with outstanding educational uses. Stack them or interlock them on their sides, Thinkplay square bricks are the same size as traditional middle-size bricks.

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Plus-Plus Big Learn and Explore

Pour out the 90 colorful pieces of Plus-Plus Big: Learn and Explore, each with the same simple shape, and your preschooler will happily start putting the pieces together. Plus-Plus Big: Learn and Explore naturally encourages gentle progress in your child’s skills.

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GeoSmart Educational Set: Deluxe Set

With GeoSmart's multifaceted Education Exploration kit, creating three-dimensional shapes is quick and effortless. Your child can construct his own amazing creations or duplicate buildings or vehicles he's seen in real life.

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Emotional Intelligence

Feelings Flashcards

Studies show that when you cultivate your preschooler’s social-emotional skills, it can result in not only less aggression and anxiety on your child’s part, but your child will become a better social problem solver. The best way to start is by naming feelings. Feelings Flashcards make it easy.

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Spot the Dot Kit

The Spot-the-Dot Markers Kit expands on the super-fun, mess-free markers by including four charming picture overlays. Your child will dot an array of colors onto a paper insert, then slide it into one of the folder-like overlays, and voila! Your child’s dots are transformed into part of a cheery nature scene.

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Little Children's Drawing Book

Introduce preschoolers to drawing with the adorably sweet Little Children’s Drawing Book by Usborne. With the assistance of multiple friendly animal characters, children as young as 2 will have fun drawing lines, circles, spirals, squiggles, and more, all essential skills for developing handwriting proficiencies.

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Soft Jungle Mosaics

A luscious tactile art project for preschoolers, Soft Jungle Mosaics combines three velour-covered shaped boards and soft adhesive felt stickers to create favorite animals of the jungle. Mosaics are a lovely way to encourage fine motor skills, concentration, and patience in preschoolers.

This item is temporarily backordered from the publisher and will ship separately from your kit. We hope to have it back in stock to begin shipping late June 2021.

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Finger Tracks

With Djeco Finger Tracks children will be eager participators because they can see that every step brings them closer to a beautiful masterpiece. This kit has pictures of a leopard, tree, zebra, and snake.

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Hidden in the Woods

Give your toddler a relaxed introduction to painting with Hidden in the Woods. Explore what's in the woods with four plastic scenes that mysteriously reveal colors when your child applies the water. Lets toddlers paint without any of the mess.<br><br><i>This item is temporarily backordered from the publisher and will ship separately from your kit. We hope to have it back in stock to begin shipping late June 2021.</i>

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Learning Tools

Crayon Rocks - 32 Pieces

Develop that strong tripod grip, necessary for legible penmanship, as early as possible with Crayon Rocks. Recommended by occupational therapists and teachers, Crayon Rocks are easy to hold, and their special shape allows small fingers to color in large, wide strokes.

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Kumon Cutting Skills - 2-Book Set

In Kumon's two-book Let's Cut Paper series your child will learn how to hold and control scissors, and will proceed from the simple one-stroke cuts of a dog's whiskers to the more complicated lines of a king's crown.

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Mad Mattr Shape and Mold Activity Kit - Deluxe

Mad Mattr—an amazingly moldable, stretchable, dough-like compound—can be shaped into countless brilliantly colored creations. Silky to the touch, Mad Mattr never dries out—ever.

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Wooden Lacing Zoo Animals

Brightly-colored, oversized Haba Threading Animals Zoo Friends are not just gorgeous, but also easy to hold and grasp, plug, and thread. Threading Animals Zoo Friends can be delightful, quiet diversions during extended trips or endless meetings.

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meori Mini with Insert

Keep your homeschool space clutter-free with the Meori mini box. Add a pop of color to your school area and make your life easier with the petite Meori mini box to organize, store, and transport the small things in your home.

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Kwik Stix 24 Pack

If you’re a mom who hates any sort of messy art project but looks wistfully at the creative output of your peers’ offspring, then we have good news for you! Kwik Stix allows your children to paint with no nasty clean-up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Catherine P.
We love everything!!

This is our first time trying out any homeschool curriculums. My daughter is only 2.5, but isn't in daycare/pre-k, so I wanted to be able to provide her a bit of structured learning. I love how there is no pressure to complete everything on the weekly schedule. Sometimes we do extra pages in the workbooks that my daughter enjoys, but for the couple that she doesn't, I like that we go a bit slower with them. So much of the curriculum is play-based learning which my mother, a former elementary school teacher, loves! We even took some of the curriculum on vacation with us as my daughter enjoys it so much!

Christina S.
Perfect for my Preschooler!

I am a grandparent doing home preschool with my granddaughter, and I chose Timberdoodle because it has so many hands-on activities. I particularly like that so many of the activity kits originated in northern Europe / the Scandinavian countries because I'm a huge fan of their early childhood educational model (play, not formal seat work). My granddaughter LOVES doing school -- each activity works with the short attention span at this age -- it might only take 5 minutes to complete a STEM model, a game, a couple pages in a workbook, etc. Then she asks me for the "next thing." She cries if we are not "doing school" some days. Everything is extremely high quality, and I love that with the touch of a button on the website, you can generate a 36 week schedule down to the smallest detail because I don't have time for lesson planning! This is the perfect kit for early childhood education!

Sara S.
My child asks for MORE SCHOOL!!!

I couldn’t say enough good things about kit!!! More often than not when I give my son a choice of taking a break to go play or to do school his reply is “I want more worksheets”. What other curriculum have you ever found that has kids picking school work over play?!! All of my kids are constantly asking to play the smart games and use the building toys that came in the kit. I cannot believe the growth I have seen in a short period of time using the curriculum as well. After only 2 or 3 weeks I could see a very noticeable increase in critical thinking and problem solving abilities. I also so marked improvements in fine motor skills and following directions. The combination of products that are included here is perfect. I love that I don’t have to spend hours and hours doing all of this research because Timberdoodle has done it for me and they seem to know EXACTLY what my son needs to be successful. I feel he is being challenged, but not so challenged that he is overwhelmed and wants to give up. I love the focus on critical thinking and problem solving as well as convergent and divergent thinking/building. The curriculum guide included tons of great information for a first time homeschooled like myself. I would have liked a little more information about modifying things for special needs kids, but I know special needs kids is a small subset of clients. I did find once I got into it modifying things became easier and easier.

We LOVE our kit!

We’re 3 weeks in and loving every day! I will say that we struggle fitting in all of the stuff every day so we are a bit behind but my husband and I can tell a big difference in our son’s abilities and how excited he is to learn every day. There is minimal sit down work and it can easily be separated out by fun hands on activities

Everything I was looking for and more!

This Timberdoodle Kit was everything I was looking for and MORE! I have been able to homeschool with confidence. Everything is fun, interactive, and helps develop important skills!!