Now I'm Reading Level 1: Big Fun

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Timberdoodle's Review
Now I’m Reading! Level 1: Big Fun
You know that the amount of reading your child does will have a direct and positive impact on his reading fluency, but finding appropriate material for the budding reader is often a hit-or-miss endeavor. Some beginning readers are painfully dry with insipid illustrations; not what a child dubious about the rewards of reading should have to encounter.

However, Now I’m Reading! Level 1: Big Fun was created with you and your child in mind. Big Fun includes ten captivatingly-illustrated mini-books designed to tickle the funny bone of every child. Each zany story builds on the skills learned in the previous. As your child completes each book, he receives a comical sticker to place on the inside cover. Kids love that!

You also get a parent’s guide that offers helpful hints on how to use the books, including exceptional enrichment ideas. What a fantastic way to further reinforce necessary reading skills and build reading success! Big Fun includes ten mini-books, a parent’s guide, and 40 stickers, packaged in a nifty case for easy removal and storage.

Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2017 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit! and Timberdoodle's Secular 2017 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit!
In Big Fun, your child will learn basic phonics while reading silly animal stories. Books 1-5 focus on mostly three-letter short-vowel words and some four-letter words. They introduce the consonant blends mp and the consonant digraphs -ck and th- as well as sight words, beginning with a few in Book 1 and increasing to more in Book 5. Books 6-10 progress to focusing on short-vowel words with mainly four or five letters, each using consonant blends and digraphs, the ending -s, and additional sight words.

Author: Nora Gaydos
Illustrated By: BB Sams
Age Recommendation: 4-8 Years
Publisher: Random House Kids
ISBN: 9781101919606


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