Old Gorilla Game

Old Gorilla Game

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Timberdoodle's Review
Old Gorilla
Looking for a fun way to coach your children about taking turns, following rules, and facing competition in a healthy way? How about a game of Old Gorilla?

Old Gorilla is a great twist on the classic card game "Old Maid." Simply deal out the unique and superbly-illustrated cards, discarding pairs as they happen, and try to avoid being the one holding the unmatched Old Gorilla card. Or mix it up and decide the winner is the person left with the Old Gorilla!

More than fun, there are so many excellent reasons to play card games like Old Gorilla with your children. Card games are linked in research to better math skills in small children. They also develop memory skills, sorting and visual discrimination skills, strategic thinking skills, nuanced social interactions, oral language skills, and improve and encourage fine motor skills. Playing cards is an easy way for multiple generations to sit down and bond together. Your children will remember the silly, fun, bonding moments of playing Old Gorilla for a lifetime.
Publisher: Floss & Rock
Recommended Age: 3+


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