Once Upon a STEM

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Timberdoodle's Review
Once Upon a STEM
When can you introduce a child to STEM? Once Upon a STEM allows even the earliest of learners to build successfully with this collection of big, soft, and colorful magnetic foam construction pieces. The frustration-free Once Upon a STEM blocks are designed with a patented magnetic connection system that ensures these blocks always attract, with no polarity conflict. The non-toxic and durable Once Upon a STEM blocks even rotate 360 degrees when connected, expanding their open-ended, multi-sensory possibilities. Because they click when connected and spun, the blocks are also an auditory treat for tiny ears. Not only that, Once Upon a STEM blocks float in the water, making bathtime a creative space for mini-engineers, and providing a distraction for hair washing.

Brilliantly designed, each safely-embedded magnetic connector is flush with the foam surface, so there are no hard protrusions that could cause injury. They are soft, so they won’t hurt if thrown. After the blocks are connected, they stay together firmly, but the magnets are not so strong that your toddler won’t be able to pull them apart.

Encouraging tactile and sensory development, Once Upon a STEM blocks exceed all international testing standards for safety. Your toddler can play with them inside, outside, in the pool, at a campsite, or just about anywhere he feels inspired to create. When they get a bit grimy, toss the blocks into the dishwasher to wash with your dishes or spritz them with a bit of bleach spray, and they’ll be sanitized and as good as new!

With Once Upon a STEM, Toddlers can learn about stacking, color, and shape recognition, in addition to developing rudimentary construction and engineering skills. Built to inspire whimsical play, the vibrant colors, soft and smooth finish, and straightforward design of Once Upon a Stem make it stand out from short-lived playthings.

Once Upon a Stem includes 48 blocks in 15 shapes, with wheels to get those creations moving. Once Upon a STEM also includes a durable, lightweight zippered mesh tote, perfect for wet or dry storage.

Unlike other toddler toys, Once Upon a STEM is made to be enjoyed for years. Still, if your family should ever outgrow them, the manufacturer will welcome them back. They will sanitize used blocks and donate them to a happy home.
Vendor: Discover with Dr. Cool
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 18 months+
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Customer Reviews

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Jenny B.
These Rock!

Ok, so I almost didn’t get these because they were so expensive and my kids already have… well blocks. But these have been so worth it. Another great item that Timberdoodle offers! Thank you Timberdoodle!

They come in the tiny tots curriculum kit, but my 4 and 5 year old love them as well. In fact it has been the first toy that they gave up watching their “once a week TV time for” so they could play with them last night. They cried when they had to go to stop playing with them and go to bed! Then it was the first thing they both wanted to play with as soon as they woke up this morning.

My 11 month old loves them too and enjoys putting them together and pulling them apart. He also loves the car base (in video). It is the perfect size for him, and he played with that for 20 minutes this morning just pushing it around giggling.

We haven’t even tried them in the bathtub yet but they can be used in a pool or bathtub which is going to be pretty fun as well.

I love them, because it is very frustrating to watch your kids build a project and then it falls prematurely before their done with it. These magnetic blocks make it great for anyone, but especially for younger hands or those who have struggle with fine motor skills.

Emily C.
Amazing product!

My daughter started playing with these at a very young age and has slowly grasped the idea of pulling them apart and putting the together. She loves to put two together and then spin them around making a fun noise.
I think these are amazingly designed and well worth the price. Highly recommend.

Stephanie H.
Love these!!

These were included in our Tiny Tots kit for my almost two year old at the time. At first he just wanted to throw them but now he has really gotten into building and stacking with them. Interestingly, my four year old really got into them right away and has been building with them ever since we got them. We liked them so much that we decide to get a deluxe set for my son's 2nd birthday for more building possibilities and both he and my four year old have gotten even more creative with them since.

Lisa S.
So fun for the whole family!

I bought this set last summer for my son's second birthday. It has been a huge hit for the whole family! We rotate our toys, and even my teenage son builds with them every time they are out. The only problem we've had with them is that you have to be careful with kids that bite on toys. Our baby has started biting them and leaving teeth marks so we'll have to put them away for a little while.

Melissa T.
Love these blocks

My children adore these blocks. My 6 year old loves building and creating with the blocks. My 2 year old son enjoys building as well. I’ve been impressed at how easy it is for him to build with the blocks and how they have helped his fine motor skills.