(closeout) Original Gertie Ball

(closeout) Original Gertie Ball

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Timberdoodle's Review
Original Gertie Ball
Rolling, throwing, catching, and kicking are all skills that will improve your little one's coordination and dexterity. One of the best balls for the littles is the specially-textured Gertie Ball. With its squishy, slightly-sticky, very huggable texture, the Gertie Ball is super easy to catch and throw. Everyone loves the easy-to-grasp, gummy feel, while parents appreciate that Gertie Balls are always light and gentle, which makes them ideal for indoor play. Safe for all ages, although parental supervision is recommended to ensure your child doesn't try to chew the ball or play with the air plug.

The Original Gertie Ball comes in assorted colors; let us pick one for you!

Manufacturer: Small World Toys
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Great Toy

This ball is amazing! She is learning to catch, kick, and throw. Plus, I don't have to worry about it hurting her (or me lol) when she is practicing. It is very well built and has survived landing on sharp sticks, in ponds, and thrown at lamps (it didn't even hurt the lamp). The only thing I don't like is the sticky nature of the ball means it picks up a lot of the dirt around the house or outside, but I do understand why they have it with a sticky texture.

Original Gertie Ball

The great thing about the Original Gertie Ball is that it's very easy to use to help a toddler learn to catch. The soft rubber-like material is "grabby" and gives little finger's purchase. It's also inflatable. The softer the ball, the easier to catch, so you can tailor this by blowing it up to however firm or squishy your child needs it to be. Keep the little straw that comes with to blow it up - it can lose air and need a touch-up. We did have one break. A two year old bit through it. We loved it enough that we replaced it for her birthday, and at eight dollars it's not a big deal. Bonus points: though balls get thrown in the house sometimes, we haven't had these soft ones shatter anything... yet. These are the balls I recommend to all my friends. They even make awesome gifts.

Easy for learning to catch, but otherwise not a favorite.

The texture is odd if you've never played with a gertie ball. It feels like a foam layer more than a plastic layer. Similar to that of a large exercise ball. Because of this it always feels a little flat, which is great for learning to catch but doesn't have the satisfying full feeling of a well pumped up ball. We enjoy this for playing catch but otherwise it is not a favorite because it doesn't have the bounce or throw of a regular ball.

Michelle, We agree it is the perfect ball for learning or practicing catching skills! We also choose this ball over other typical balls for indoor play since it is less likely for damage to household items to occur. Anytime you are looking for less impact/damage and portable ball fun, Gertie ball is for you!
Original Gertie Ball

Super soft and easy to catch and hold. This is our favorite for playing "catch".

Original Gertie Ball

I lost the thing to blow it up with. I'd rather you can just blow it up with your mouth instead of needing a straw and the cap is hard to put in. When you bounce it, it makes a noise when it lands where the cap is. I like the bumpy Gertie ball more, but would prefer a different ball.

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