Parking Puzzler

Parking Puzzler

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Timberdoodle's Review
Parking Puzzler
This is not Rush Hour! Rush Hour is a brilliant, but completely different game. Parking Puzzler is more logical and less trial and error. In Parking Puzzler, you are always trying to park 7 cars neatly into a parking lot, while each car is on a transparent tile shape. Easier challenges show you the complete parking lot and where cars should be placed, though you will have to figure out which car goes where, and how to fit the cars in without overlapping their transparent tiles. Harder challenges only show you a part of the parking lot, but you don’t know which part, so you will have to deduce it. In even harder challenges, you are given the position of cars in a partial parking lot, but the cars shown are grayed so you don’t know which color they are. All puzzle pieces must be on the board to solve the problems. Solutions are in the back of the challenge booklet.

Parking Puzzler comes in a sturdy case that can fit all of the pieces except for the booklet, and it makes a lovely travel game. For ages 6 to adult.

Challenges: 60
Age Recommendation: 6 to adult
Players: 1
Manufacturer: SmartGames
Game Type: Puzzle Game
Faith-Based: No


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