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Timberdoodle's Review
A cheerful fellow called Davy Diacritic® reviews the common sounds of phonograms and spelling rules. Phonics worksheets help students understand pronunciation guides and how to indicate the sound of a phonogram on paper. Reading comprehension work sheet are included to ensure that students understand what they are reading.

From single letter consonants to the five sounds of OU, Davy Diacritic explains the Orton-Gillingham phonograms and spelling rules. The activities assess a student's understanding of spelling rules, exceptions, diacritics, and pronunciation. Plenty of practice is provided to indicate the common sounds of each phonogram on paper as well as orally.

After completing the phonics worksheets the student is ready to begin the eighty SilentSpell® tests are included that not only test a student's ability to spell many frequent words, these tests assess a student's understanding of orthography, the spelling patterns of English. Five frequent words from four different spelling patterns are grouped together into each test. These twenty words are examined by students in a variety of ways. When they are ready to be tested, they turn the page and find a pronunciation guide for each word. They must re-spell each word in its usual form. Definitions or parts of speech are indicated as needed. These tests will assess a student's ability to spell familiar words plus the most frequent words of uncommon spelling patterns, e.g., pneumonia, anxiety, curvaceously, and rheumatism. Vocabulary is drawn from the Phonogram and Spelling Pattern Chart in the PhonicsTutor Student Reader . The ten most frequent words for each of 173 spelling patterns are assessed. Give with an oral spelling test when time permits.

Grammar worksheets
A sequential grammar is presented with the reading comprehension worksheets and phonics worksheets. From subjects and predicates to prepositions and subject/verb agreement, students will receive instruction on grammar concepts for early readers. Even older students enjoy these activities since, if they need to improve their reading and spelling, they have often been unable to sufficiently comprehend and complete grammar assignments in the past. Capitalization, punctuation, alphabetization, and more are included to prepare students for grammar instruction in the upper elementary grades.
We know that lesson planning and preparation can consume all available time. That's why PhonicsTutor Student Workbook of Spelling & Grammar has simplified the process for you. The curriculum is divided into seven units. At the beginning of each unit, you will view its contents and goals. Special notes are given that will aid in understanding the curriculum, will help assess students who are progressing slowly, will suggest lesson extenders and creative language arts projects, and more. You will find a "mini-lecture" on each student page in a framed box. All of the spelling rules, grammar concepts, and more are covered so you do not have to keep track of more than one page at a time. Read the instructions and information before class to plan your introduction of the material. Read the instructions to a student or class on days when interruptions have made preparation difficult, adding your own comments or expanding as needed. Now you can hand a volunteer a workbook and ask them to assist a student knowing they have the information they need to teach effectively. Each page includes space for the date, score, and a penmanship assessment. Even the number of problems and the point value are listed to make scoring easy!

If you have students who need to improve their spelling and grammar, the PhonicsTutor Student Workbook of Spelling and Grammar with its reading comprehension worksheets is the tool you need. If your students are learning to read using one of the PhonicsTutor CDs, this workbook will help you assess their progress, expand their knowledge, and prepare them for middle school language arts.

Publisher's Information
Author: David L. Hickerson, Ph.D., Janelle M.-E. Hickerson, B.S.
Pages: 196
Binding: Spiral
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: 4:20 Communications
Made In: USA
Consumable: Yes
Reproducible: No


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