Plus-Plus Big 150 with Cards

Plus-Plus Big 150 with Cards

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit!
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Plus-Plus Big 150 with Cards
Created in Denmark (known for minimalist designs with purposeful function), Plus-Plus Big has an odd name, but a captivating design. Plus-Plus comes in two sizes: the larger Big, which is safe for younger children, ages 1 and up; and the smaller Mini, which is for builders aged 5 and older. Plus-Plus has gained a tremendous following over the last few years in Denmark and is so highly regarded in education that it is used in most Danish schools. Here’s why we’ve included it in the Preschool Curriculum Kit.

Pull out the pictures and your child will intuitively begin to create. Plus-Plus' identical, simple shapes with their slight rubbery texture glide smoothly together with very little pressure. And they stay together! Plus-Plus' pieces grip without slipping and come apart without effort. Plus-Plus encourages children to think creatively about color, design, and structure and is a painless way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Each set includes seven life-size Plus-Plus Big Picture Puzzles cards. One side of the card has the challenge, the other side provides the answer by showing individual piece outlines. You will also find quick tips for introducing Plus-Plus to your children and additional ideas for convergent and divergent models in our Preschool Handbook.

Plus-Plus Big includes 150 pieces in eight different colors. Since each box of Plus-Plus Big contains a unique assortment of all 8 colors, the exact quantity of each color varies. Plus-Plus pieces are made from plastic free of phthalates and PVC.
Pieces: 150
Faith-Based: No
Plus-Plus Big Review by The Learning Momma

review by The Learning Momma

”...if you’re looking for a new, long-lasting activity for your kiddo of any age, Plus Plus Big has you covered; whether you are wanting to teach colors, patterns, counting, constructing, or simply delve into their imaginative play...”

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Love these!

We cannot day enough good things about these blocks. They help our little one think creatively and work on her communication and fine motor skills. Today she made a strawberry.

Plus Plus Blocks

My son wasn’t a fan. They are kind of hard to push together and I have to help him a lot. I know it helps to keep them together, but not our favorite.

Whitney, Thank you for your feedback on Plus-Plus! While we do acknowledge that some preschoolers may find Plus-Plus a bit tricky to assemble at the beginning of the year. That was one of the reasons we made sure to include it in our Preschool kit. One of the skills your preschooler needs as he grows is fine-motor skills. While fine-motor skills can be strengthened by having him write or draw, they can also be encouraged by working on hand-related exercises such as building with Plus-Plus. In our experience, Plus-Plus provides just the right amount of challenge, while also keeping your child so engaged in the joy of creating that he won't even realize his fine-motor skills are growing too. --Hope

My daughter always puts Timberdoodle toys on her wishlists.
My mother in law gifted her these and she loves them! I can’t believe how well made they are. They hold together really well but they’re also very easy for her to take apart when she wants to. I highly recommend these!


We have so much fun playing with these as a whole family, even my husband gets involved. There are so many possibilities that the fun is endless and I love the cards that make learning the fundamentals of building (engineering) easy to understand. My daughter who is 2 is already learning how to make things stay standing and to make fun shapes with them. This is a must have for any household!!!


My 3 year old twins love this they ask almost every day "are we doing the day and night game and plus plus today?"

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